VIZIO 80" 4K Display w/Tablet

What’s the warranty?

Hi. Warranties are listed at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day Woot Warranty.

Sometimes when you purchase televisions with credit cards they offer extended warranty coverage. Might want to check with your cc company and look into it.

Sometimes when you purchase an expensive refurbished item you might want AT LEAST the OEM warranty.

13 pages of ““1 Star”” reviews on Amazon, doesn’t instill much confidence.

Some reviews on Google. Averages 4.3 stars.

You have to be careful when looking at the Amazon reviews. A lot of those 1-star reviews are for other models of the Vizio TV’s. If you filter only reviews for the 80-inch model, you’ll see that there are only a total of 41 reviews. However, your point probably still stands, because there are 11 1-star reviews for the 80-inch model. Sooo, roughly one quarter of the reviews are terrible?

So what’s the deal with the tablet? I see it comes with another physical remote. Which do you have to use?

Is it feasible I could just set up the cable\Tivo\Logitech Universal remote to the tv’s code and never have to use it?

Depends on how you will use the TV. If you use only HDMI sources you don’t really need the tablet. If you are going to use Netflix or any other streaming source it is the tablet that enables that.

not real full HDR. hard pass on that 8bit pannel

If you are going to drop $3K on a 4K TV, at least get a decent warranty out of it. 90 Days is the sucker bet in favor of the house. But thank you for your cash.

Do you want to play a game?