VIZIO 80" 4K Display w/Tablet

So, for a 2016 model $3,000 REFURBISHED price-tag, Vizio felt it necessary to remove a $20 tuner and brand this as a display? Woot LIMITED warranty of 90 days?

Something smells with that logic. Vizio must have had an issue with a tuner causing the display to look like crap. Since all OTA is now HD, there is something wrong with this picture. Also these have been widely reported to have a few dead pixels. The D series is supposed to have 64 active zones vs. 32 (which was the 2015 C series), so that will need clarification. Vizio used to have a zero dead pixel warranty. What is woots refurb warranty cover?

Tuners are obsolete and NO ONE ever uses them anyway. BUT I totally agree with the rest of your comment. Who in their right mind would spend this much on an older model with a 90 day warranty. AND when it has a few or 10 dead pixels you will be told “too bad so sad, now go away”.

Woot’s warranty policy says that any more than 5 dead pixels is grounds for a return.

17 Percent of U.S. Households Are OTA-Only. And it’s closer to 20% for overall viewers.

I have HDTV antennas on all my TV’s just in case cable, internet or satellite goes out. I can generate electricity to power the TV, but cannot control the others.

Thanks great to know.