Vizio All-In-One Desktops



I don’t know why these PCs didn’t sell, because they’re kind of awesome. Vizio just folded up their tents one night and got out of the PC business and that was that. Sad. There needs to be a high end on the PC side that isn’t being serviced by Dell and HP. Lenovo has nice AIO boxes, but you’d never know it because unless it’s business class, home PCs are an afterthought for them.



I was in for two. Beautiful design to update the look of my home office and my family room desk. And Vizio tcs are great quality so figured the computers followed. Then I checked further and NO OPTICAL DRIVE. These seem to be harder and harder to get in a laptop but on a desktop I can’t believe they thought it unnecessary. I won’t even buy a laptop without one. Maybe it’s old fashioned but I want one


I totally understand your sentiment, because I am the same way and I prefer physical media. Call me old school. That said, couldn’t you just buy an external drive? Wouldn’t that solve your problem? If not, you could hold out for some iMac’s to go on sale here again. They had some recently. I do love the form factor of these Vizio’s. They are quite stunning to behold and the displays are quite nice.