VIZIO Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Sub

Just picked one of these up at a store for my parents. It sounds amazingly good. Even got my mom hooked up to the bluetooth on it with her phone. We were walking all around the house playing music and it filled their home up in every room. TV/Movies sounded good as well.

Granted, this IS a sound bar, these aren’t earth shattering tower speakers, but I was really impressed with the sound output from them enough to pickup a set for the office in my own home.

At this price, that makes it an even sweeter deal.

I have a Toshiba 23" TV, and a Sony SA CD/DVD player. Both about 4-5 years old. I also have a new (from Woot) receiver, yamaha 7.2 channel AV receiver. I’d like to connect the player to the TV to the soundbar for TV/DVD output, player to soundbar directly for CD output, and the receiver goes in there someplace. Does anyone know what sequence the connections should be, and if this soundbar/sub system will serve the purpose? I’m just not sure if I will have all the right connections. Thank you.

You’re receiver would not be needed for this setup, and actually, be a waste. You would just run the optical/coax out of the player, into the sound bar. Then you’re done.

Thank you!

I wooted this about a year ago. Truly one of my best woots. If all you are using if your TV speakers for sound, these will actually change your life. So much sound for so little money.

I’m so on the fence here. How good is the subwoofer? Is it good low bass or it that sort-of-low base found in cheap subs?