VIZIO Co-Star Streaming Player w/ GoogleTV

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VIZIO Co-Star Streaming Player w/ GoogleTV
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Wednesday, Jan 07 to Thursday, Jan 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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It is a piece of junk.

It’s out-dated, unsupported, and will likely break within hours of turning it on.

I literally would not accept one of these for free. Just the hassle of throwing out the packaging and the product.

I stupidly bought one the last time they offered this for sale and it was the single-worst consumer experience I’ve ever had with a product, and that is saying something considering it bricked itself in less than one hour.

The fact that Woot continues to sell this product after tons of negative feedback speaks volumes about the decline of this site.

Other Wooter reviews:


It’s worth $30

It does (from my best guess as an owner) what chrome cast does plus you can surf the Internet via chrome.

Not 100% awesome. …has its hang ups and hiccups…but still useful to a degree. Youtube, netflix, android apps. … decent for $30.

I paid a lot more a few years ago!


Wow…I never seen such negative reviews on anything. I have an obsolete Logitech Revue and a Sony that looks almost the same (from Woot). Both aren’t perfect but still work ok. Almost pulled the trigger during the last woot but now I agree that Woot should yank this for good. Don’t woot junk or you will loose wooter, if that is who we are!

I agree 100%
I only used mine for a half hour every night with the plex app. After about a year, I had the random apps disappearing which wasn’t a big deal until one of the missing apps was always google play. the remote wouldn’t pair for longer than 5 minute, I had to hold down the two buttond for 5 sec. every time I wanted to use the remote. I did factory resets and re-installed plex (and only plex) daily for a couple of months. It wouldn’t boot up until I had tried a factory reset 3-10 times. Then I started getting low memory warnings. Then I couldn’t even install plex after a factory reset because it said there wasn’t enough memory, but the memory indicator showed that there was a couple hundred mb available. and then it wouldn’t reboot at all. tech support was 100% useless every step of the way.
the really sad part is that I tried to sell it on craigslist for 6 month before the problems started, but people didn’t want to pay $30. They wanted to pay $20 and make me drive 30-60 miles to deliver it.


After 2 months of using my mac instead, which I hated doing for several reasons, I bought a Roku Streaming Stick for my bedroom tv and all is well again.

and I forgot to add that android apps are not designed for use on a tv. Sure, they get the job done but in the end, android apps on a tv are just a poor solution compared to other streaming media boxes such as apple tv, roku, and fire tv.

I was impressed by the look of the remote; I just bought a used replacement for my Boxee Box that finally died and it works great but the remote’s keyboard is almost impossible to see in a dimly-lit room because they didn’t use a practical contrasting color scheme - dark gray on black sucks!

I would like to purchase one or two of the remotes to control my good old Boxxee; If anyone wants to sell theirs, please let me know somehow right here. I’m sure we can work out the details.

Nice price drop from just 2 days ago. Boo woot.

[MOD: That price a couple days ago was a booboo. We’ll be refunding the $5 to those that purchased at the higher price last week.]

I’ve bought three refurbished Roku units from this site and every one is working great today. I dropped DirecTv and am saving about $700 a year on TV/entertainment. Antenna in the attic gets great local channels.
If you want to do the Netflix/Hulu Plus thing do yourself a favor and buy a Roku.

Yeah, I still use two Logitech Revues. They are abandoned products but actually still work fine. Always tempted to try out another version of Google TV like this one but not when basic functions don’t work!

Review over at Engadget

For the price you can’t go wrong, seems a MRE responsive than my $300 Logitech Revue bought some years ago. As Edith Google TV, it is a little wonky. I mainly bought is b/c it STATES it is gigabyte Ethernet. Imagine my disappointment when I plugged it in to a gigabyte router and that was not the case.


TL;DR: WAS great for flash browser video streaming. But it’s stopped working. If you don’t need flash video, Chromecast is the way to go.

I bought one of these on release, I was an early adopter.

It worked great at its time, I liked the fact that it had HDMI pass through so I could search my cable, streaming services and online at the same time. Also it had a full flash browser, so I could stream shows or movies on there like I could with my HDMI out PC, not having to mess with the heavy thing was great!

The remote has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s manageable. Unfortunately the OS can get slow at times and it’s a tad frustrating.

I used it for a few months constantly, and it worked great for streaming overseas content for my parents on the big screen. Their shows ended, so once I bought a Wii U, I ran out of HDMI inputs, so I dropped G TV. Wii U works great for Prime, and recently I picked up Chromecast for beaming my phone screen.

I replugged it in a month ago, Vizio intro shows…then nothing. I fiddled with it a bit but it wouldn’t show anything. I got frustrated at this point as I’m used to Chromecast just WORKING so I gave up. I’ll give it another shot tonight when I get home and let you know if I can revive it and attest to its long life/death.

I do want it to come back to life as I want to watch some video. My HDMI PC has died, and Chromecast video is slow from the browser.

I have had one of these for 2-3 years (damn memory…) and i LOVE it. I have a Roku as well, but I the Vizio is my favorite of the two. You can’t beat the price of today’s deal!


I a similar issue after I moved and had mine packed away for a bit. I’ve copied and pasted my fix. I hope it works for you:

Your remote should be in IR mode when you remove it from the box, but if this is not the case, simultaneously press the Q key, =, and Spacebar for 10 seconds to put into IR mode.

The remote also has a power saver mode that is on by default. This can cause a delay in function but only when the remote hasn’t been used recently. You can turn this feature off by going to the Settings app, selecting Devices, then Bluetooth.