VIZIO Co-Star Streaming Player w/ GoogleTV

Of course you paid more a few years ago, it was brand new and actually had hardware and software support at the time. Speaking as yet another previously unsatisfied owner of the Co-star, you are much better off purchasing a Chromecast or any of the newer (or older) steaming devices on the market. Its ability to use apps and browse the internet, should not be a selling point, because it is a truly miserable experience.

Unless you are a highly experienced, technically savoy individual, and you just want something to tinker around with, I would steer clear of this. It’s probably one of the worst devices I have ever owned.

I’ll add my voice to the chorus of thanks for steering me clear of this. We finally got a TV for Christmas. It even has a DIGITAL TUNER!

So Woot, how soon can we get a good deal up on Roku3’s instead of this piece of junk?



I have had one since launch and it has only gone down hill ever since. I primary use it for Netflix and the Co star locks up every day and I have to power cycle it and re login to Netflix at least once a day. Very frustrating. Most of the apps are very sluggish so it makes it hard to use. The chrome cast would be a much better buy for practically the same price.

I’m a huge fan of Google and Google TV, been using Google TV since a few months after it was released. It WAS a great product. With that said, I agree with the first reply that said 100% do NOT buy this.

Even at this price point, there is virtually no reason to buy it, it is outdated (its about to become three generations old) and unsupported. You can get a Google Chromecast for about the same price (cheaper if you factor in shipping) and it will do pretty much everything and this Co-Star will do and more.

I still have my Google TV and use it daily, but all of my TVs are now being fitted with Chromecast.

Glad I read the comments first. Thanks! Pass.

Thanks all. I was actually considering this, but having read the reviews here and on Amazon, NO WAY.

I have the roku, Apple TV, chrome cast, minix, and Amazon Fire TV stick, but I don’t have this device.

Dear woot,
From all of the poor reviews I’ve read, it sounds like you are going to be stuck with these things. So, if you’re up to accepting “best offers”…I’ll give you $5.00 for one so I can add it to my collection.

Dear woot,
Ok, it looks like I was wrong. You sold out and apparently won’t be stuck with a large inventory. Please disregard my best offer option
Ps. Good thing I was able to buy two units before you sold out! :slight_smile:

FWIW: I preordered one of these when they were first released. That one has been going strong since day 1. It does get very very warm, so keep that in mind when placing it in your media cabinet. I suspect that is a cause of many issues. I recently bought a refurbed one from here on Woot a month or so ago for use in the bedroom, and that one is even snappier than my original one. The BEST part about these, in my opinion, is that they have hdmi pass thru. I hate cycling through inputs on the tv. With these, I can just hit the netflix button, or amazon, or w/e and it pops up. If the Rokus of the world had hdmi passthru, then yeah, I could see how they’d be superior. Anyway, you can add different launchers, sideload tons of google apps. It’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be (unless you get a defective one that is).

Well, if it matters, I picked up the amazon fire stick (for 20 bucks… prime member) and from what I’ve seen here, it’s no better. It might not be ‘outdated’ but it has hardly no apps and it is no way close to a Roku. I would Roku has this market sewed up and anyone who buys ANYTHING else is either a fad follower (dig at you apple people) or just clueless.

I have had one for a few years and while it’s not perfect I really like it. I also have a Chromecast which I hate because it can’t keep a connection with anything. If I’m lucky a connection lasts a few minutes then drops out.

One of my favorite things about this is that I can listen to my TV using bluetooth headphones. So I can go on my balcony to smoke a cigar and watch my 62" TV through the closed window (to keep the smoke out) and still hear the TV without disturbing anyone. I don’t know of any other easy/cheap way to do this.

I also use it quite a bit for listening to Google Play Music through my stereo system. And it can run lots of Android apps too.

I don’t know what kind of expectations people have for a $30 device but if it does anything you can use, it’s worth it. And it does SO much more than Chromecast. I hardly ever use my Chromecast but use my Co-Star a few times a month. If I had to give one up it would be the Chromecast.