VIZIO Electronics

It’s a little funny, Wootbot. Since I’ve never heard of VIZEO before.

They sound like a cheap knockoff of VIZIO, though, so I wouldn’t trust them.

These TVs don’t seem like that good of a deal vs the price of new models.

It is about a $50 discount, so I guess it depends on whether you think getting a refurb is worth more than $50 or not.

The name does matter to me, to a certain extent. Now that HDTV has shaken out almost every TV out there can be purchased with some degree of confidence. In fact, some makers who have discontinued TV’s were some of my favorites.

That said, there are names I’d rather avoid if I had a choice and Vizio (which must owe its soul to Costco) 's probably the best name in that second tier. I’d rather go with Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic or Toshiba than the others.

Hisense and Insignia, for example, get no consideration from me.

Brand only matters to the extent it is can be correlated to product quality based on historical reviews and feedback. I will dig into the detailed reviews and feedback to inform a purchase if a product passes an initial screening based purely on my familiarity and comfort with the brand.

Vizio used to be a brand I’d gloss over, but their products have consistently garnered good reviews over recent years and they’ve moved (for me) from the HiSense category into a category that warrants my attention (when there’s a deal to be had).

This isn’t funny but it’s Thursday afternoon.

I have a Vizio CN15-A5 notebook (15.6" standard size laptop, not of the thin and light series, but still pretty thin and light compared to other model laptops). I love the IPS full-HD screen, size, weight, sturdiness, and internals of the laptop (i7, SSD cache for the 1TB HD). However, the keyboard is AWFUL. The keys have an exceptionally short throw and the caps are very shallow. Also, the trackpad gets locked out for a few seconds after any keypress. I suppose it’s to prevent accidental trackpad activation when typing, but there’s no way I’ve found to disable that option and it really gets in the way.

That’s cool. I like baseball.

It’s relevant because the discussion is hovering around Vizio’s respect and reputation, or lack thereof.

I too know Vizio has improved, but i don’t think enough in my book yet to hang their logo from my living room wall for the next 5 years while I drool at that latest Panasonic in the store.

I currently own the E420i and absolutely love it. The colors look amazing after fiddling around with the color settings and movies/games look great on it. I’m a photographer and am VERY picky with my color and contrast and this TV definitely has a great bang for the buck. Though I only paid $350 brand new from a different vendor I can say that compared to other models from samsung and LG, Vizio puts up a VERY good fight and can honestly say that Im glad i didn’t go for a samsung or LG. My wallet is a lot happier.