Any opinions on these TVs, especially the refurbs? I noticed that the warranty provider has an F rating at the BBB. Any idea what Vizio refurbs track record is like?

I don’t know how much it’s worth comming from me but I have never had an issue with my 46" Vizio and its a refurb. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I just looked on the BBB’s website and Squaretrade (the warranty provider) has an A+ rating. Where did you see the F rating?

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to figure out about input lag on these TVs – my current ghetto HD TV has a noticeable amount of lag when I’m playing games, which makes me all sorts of confused… :frowning:

I was curious if anyone has any experience with the VIZIO E421VO, which is the 42", 1080p one up on the site. I’ve never been one to be concerned with refresh rate, though I guess abstractly I wonder if that does, or how that does, effect gaming.

Any thoughts?

The response time probably plays a bigger role in game performance than the refresh rate but both are a factor.

I purchased a 32" Vizio from Woot, and when the backlight went out 100 days after purchase, Vizio said that Woot was not an authorized dealer so they couldn’t help me, and Woot said the 90 day warranty was over so TS.

YMMV, but I’d be careful with Vizio purchases from Woot. I got the shaft with a $200 32" TV that now needs a $200 repair.

Love, love, love all things Woot, but I’ll never buy another TV from them without checking with the manufacturer before I buy.

The post by Veeper doesn’t make sense with the current deal. I read Woot’s terms of sale carefully. Unless the TV is DOA or close to DOA, Woot wants out of responsibility. The offer clearly says there is a six month warranty from some company but says nothing about the terms of the warranty. I imagine there is some paper in the box that explains it. You have the option of buying a Square Trade Warranty up to two years starting when the refurb warranty expires so you can get coverage for up to 2.5 years. On the set I ordered 2 years costs $103.00. I’m still thinking about buying the 2 years, but the decision is not that easy because the low price makes the gamble that it will work for 2.5 years a close decision against $103 more when they only warrant the purchase price if they can’t fix it. The TV cost is much less than the suggested retail price so if Square Trade doesn’t kick in until after the 6 mos. warranty from the refurb company and something happens during the first 6 mos., you are stuck with an unexplained warranty that might or might not provide good service. Most electronics that work well for six mos. will continue to work for several years, making the Square Trade price, money down the drain, except for whatever reassurance it gives you. All of this is part of the Woot experience and should be understood up front. You buy stuff on Woot because the price is good, and the risk is low but it’s still a risk with any refurb product.

So, has anybody who ordered one of these TV’s gotten shipping info yet? Or does the fact the sale isn’t over until the 29th mean they don’t ship until the 29th? I hope not, I can’t wait to check out 3D goodness!

Nothing. I’m wondering as well.

I ordered one Friday night, It still says “awaiting shipping” I want it already! I got the 47" Razor LED model, I’m hoping it doesn’t crap out on me or anything…

I ordered one Friday morning and was told by Woot that it may not ship until 5 business days from when I purchased the TV (as late as Friday). I wasnt planning to wait two weeks for a TV so I asked if I could cancel it and Woot refused saying that it was “in the process of fullfillment and could not be cancelled”.

Ive never seen a retailer work like this. I could understand not being able to cancel if the TV shipped but Woot has 1) already taken my money 2) The TV has not shipped and 3) cannot provide me with a definitive date the TV will ship.

I emailed them again asking for a definitive date and why if I cant cancel if my TV has not shipped but have yet to receive an answer.

I also ordered 5 days ago on Friday morning and the order is still in process. I am thinking these will not start shipping untill the 29th cut off date. By my estimation that slates the first orders to go out starting around July 5th or 6th, taking into account the 5 day delay as usual with Woot from the close of the item sale date. Time will tell, …yawn!

Me too! I’m getting impatient!

I wish they would have specified that when I made the order… So is yours “Processing” or “Awaiting Shipping?” because apparently there is a difference. Don’t they know that I want everything I see on the internet NOW?

Mine still says “awaiting shipping”. :(. Darn it, I was kinda hoping I’d be able to have this for the 4th. Oh well.

Oh, and as far as refurbed vizios go, I bought two of the 37 inch LCD ones last year, and they have been great. No issues at all.

Starting to ship as of Weds. evening, FedEx Smart Post out of Texas. Mine will be here in Indiana on July 6th

Sorry for the miss statement of the wording. The message always was “Awaiting Shipping” after the payment was processed. Last week I ordered a TV from Tiger Direct and the very next day Toshiba offered a $30 rebate on the same model. I called Tiger and cancelled the order and re-ordered to get the proper purchase date for the rebate. Tiger was very helpful in getting it done but the TV had not been pulled from the warehouse for shipping yet. Every retailer is different and I guess Woot is not actually in control of the logistics on some items they sell, only collecting the payment and getting the item sold for a third party. Hence the inability to intercept an order already placed. Woot appears to be a liquidator of excess third party inventory. Just my spin on Woot’s business model for what it is worth. If you want customer service, pay more and deal with a actual retailer indorsed by the manufactures they represent. You get what you pay for, nothing more and hopefully nothing less.

I woke up this morning to the TV sitting on my doorstep! Praise WOOT! Unfortunately I have a job and that is where I am now… I started to set it up and everything looks good though. My status still says awaiting shipping…

6 days ago I was wandering aimlessly around the internet when I stumbled upon Woot and a Vizio tv sale.
“A-ha!” I said to myself “A new 47 inch LCD or LED tv is just the thing I need to watch old black and white reruns of My Three Sons in a HUGE way! I’m getting one!”
I went to bed that night dreaming about a big beautiful Robbie there on my HUGE screen. It didnt happen though, I didn’t get that tv and now Robbie is dead.
Who the hell can swoon over a dead guy, even if he is on a 47" inch flat screen with great resolution and backlighting?
I can’t find another fella to swoon over on this 27" inch behemoth of a tv set that is in the very spot I had planned for the new and exciting 47" Vizio I found on 6 days ago. I paid for it, Woot took my money and broke up with me. Not even a “It’s not you, it’s us” lame ass explantion. Nothing.
A yellow triangle forever more.
RIP Robbie.