Vizio HDTVs

I still have no idea what strange ladybug and water-droplet show they’re watching. that water really should already be falling off the plant. It looks more like a green stick shaped to look like a leaf or blade of grass though, since it is managing somehow to hold the weight of the three bugs AND the three drops of water. Hmmmm

Better than the drop coming from overhead:

Maybe they’re not really drops of water. They could be spider eggs.

Hmmm…Is there a Bubble Yum story here?

Ummmm. The VIZIO E291-A1B 29" 720p LED HDTV is $153.99 on the Vizio store website. I wish I could have more confidence in the deals at Woot.

“Currently Out of Stock at

im curious - i want to get this for my mom (the 37"), but will this work with digital antenna, roku, etc?

Yeah, almost all TV’s use standardized HDMI inputs now.

However I advise against this brand. The last time I bought from Vizio, they featured an air sensitive proximity sensor to bring up an over sized front menu over what you’re watching.