Vizio High Definition Sound Bar

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Vizio High Definition Sound Bar
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I might go for this

that was quick

okay, over/under on how long this takes to sell? I’m guessing 3 minutes–blind guess.

Edit: I should have guessed 3 seconds. The blitz is on.

Did you?

I have one of these, They work great with LED TVS

I think not.

I have one and really like it. Perfect for a bedroom or office tv.

All I got so far was a toaster. Have not been paying too much attention to this Woot-Off. Too much stuff in my place. I am on probation with the GF. :frowning:

Never have been clear on whether these attach to the TV or stand on their own… it seems to be just the right size for my 37" Vizio

Bought one of these at Wal-Mart - sounds great but placement can be tricky because of the odd footprint and you can’t put it on top of the TV and if you put it at the base of the TV it blocks part of the screen. Vizio’s built-in speakers on their TVs are HORRIFIC, this is almost a must buy if you have a Vizio.

Careful, this sound bar does not handle compressed audio signals via the optical audio connection.

$98 through Amazon.

3.5 stars. Apparently there are issues with the remote.

The remote does suck. But I have a Logitech Harmony so I just programmed it for the sound bar.

Both, you can attach to wall under or above tv, or it can stand on its own, mine stands on its own!