VIZIO Home Entertainment

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Link to Sale: VIZIO Home Entertainment



I bought one yesterday for $18 more (+ tax) at Walmart. Brand new one, with full warranty.

However, I am finding it’s not loud enough to be heard when I have a fan on in the living room.

Bought the 48" Visio at Costco a year ago, I think I paid around $379. Great picture and the Smart TV works very well (A friend has a similar size Samsung but the Smart TV connection is only good for a few feet from the router). At $309, this brand new Visio model seems to be a really good deal.

I have the 60" version of the 2013 model of the M series 50" that is for sale. I paid full retail for mine when new. It has held up like a champ and I think the picture is good.

That being said - the SENSOR for the remote is horrible. What do I mean by this? You have to actively POINT the remote at the far left corner of the TV for it to register the stock remote or the harmony that I have.

I have adapted to this over time, but it is extremely annoying. To this day my wife and I both swear at the TV probably 2-3 times per week when the macro i have on the remote either a) fails to turn off the TV or b) fails to change the input because we didn’t point it DIRECTLY AT THE CORNER OF THE TV.

Plenty of kvetching here:

Other than what I can safely call the most temperamental remote sensor I’ve seen on any device - it’s a good TV. Up to you whether the frustration is worth it to ya. :wink:

EDITED - Mine was in fact the 2013 model and I don’t know if it was corrected on the 2014. The case looks identical, but perhaps they addressed the issue. YMMV

This is a great deal on a very good tv. I bought this exact model from Amazon in February for $800. I felt that was a good deal then, but this is an incredible price.

On the sound bars… at least 5.1 Audio or bust, imo.

Which item are you referring to? The 29" Sound Bar?

I recently bought the m-series 43" 4k and I have not had any problems with the remote. In fact I can point the remote pretty much anywhere and the tv still responds. It does have two infrared transmitters since it has the keypad backside, perhaps that is what makes it so responsive. So maybe they have improved the design since yours, or maybe yours is a lemon, but I would not say this is a large concern for new shoppers.

Any idea what the wattage is of each speaker?

Vizio is very tight lipped about the wattages on their sound bars. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to determine what the actual wattages are. That said, I have an older 2013 model 5.1 channel Vizio sound bar that I can tell you will fill two floors of my house. Well, one and a half floors. It’s a quad level house. It is very audible and clear to listen to music 60 feet away. It’s definitely loud enough that my wife complains. I would only imagine that these newer models are just as loud if not louder.

TL;DR - while I can’t tell you what the wattage is, I can tell you that it gets very loud and plays cleanly at loud levels. Hope that helps.

I really would like to see the specifications include the actual refresh rate rather than the effective refresh rate.