VIZIO Home Theater Soundbars

I bought VIZIO SB4020M-A0C 40" 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar

And the remote never worked…Woot said can’t help it and I need to contact Vizio…

Factory reconditioned stuff tests your luck.

It’s too bad you aren’t using it with a Vizio TV so you could use just the one remote.

Vizio soundbar remotes suck, but the soundbars are usually pretty good if not better than most. My workaround is an all-in-one remote like a logitech harmony. I no longer have to wave the remote around and hit the right spot to turn the soundbar on…

The same item from Warehouse Deals on amazon is about the same price, Prime, and has a full year warranty.

I have the 5.1 version. Bought mine two Black Fridays ago for a little more than this. Definitely worth the money. Using it hooked via SPDIF Optical to my Asus Zonar DX sound card on my home theater pc and it’s quite impressive.

I bought the 42" 5.1 system with the wireless sub and satellite speakers a few weeks ago when they had it for $189. I have been nothing but impressed and happy with it.

It is incredibly easy to sync it up with your current remote – whatever the make or model you have. It produces a clean, balanced sound. The included remote works fine for me, it has a small LED display on it. I mostly only use it to change the input or sound balance, since I have it synced up to my other remote which adjusts the volume.

I have the sound bar hanging on the bottom of my wall mounted TV via a sound bar bracket from Amazon. The wireless sub is on the other side of the room under a side table. I was worried about possible loss of sound quality when being transmitted via wireless connection, but have noticed none whatsoever. We commonly use the BT to stream music from our phones. There is always a noticeable loss of quality when connected via BT (that’s inherit to the connection though, not the sound bar), but we’ve been impressed with the range. My wife will commonly have her phone in the Kitchen whilst streaming which is through a wall. I’ve noticed I can stream anywhere in our condo except for the farthest corner of our farthest bedroom. It makes it so I can leave my phone in my pocket while I’m cleaning the house and walking from room to room.

This unit is wonderful for our condo. It came very well packaged, early, was easy to set up, and produces quality sound. My only complaint is that I always have to have it on pretty low. I’d love to be able to really utilize the amount of sound it can produce, but I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate it.


I bought the 42" soundbar off woot last week and it arrived yesterday (Sunday) with ZERO accessories. No power cables, no rca cables, no remote, no wall mounts. Nothing but a soundbar, a subwoofer, and two speakers.

What a serious waste of time. Go and buy this on Amazon instead, folks. Let’s see how much time I have to spend sorting this crap out with customer service…

EDIT 1: Received a copy/paste response from Woot customer service stating I should call FedEx. Seriously?

I promptly replied stating they should re-read my email. This could potentially blow a gasket in me.

EDIT 2: So Woot has volleyed back with offering an RMA or $20 partial refund…the remote alone costs $20 on Amazon!! This is getting insulting. Ordering the missing parts I need totals to a minimum of $74.00 off Amazon Prime. I’m not even including the other cables I won’t need that are listed as part of the sale.

EDIT 3: Back to Woot it goes and one less Woot customer.

Maybe one of you will get lucky and score this in a sack of poo. Adios and be good to each other!

I’m very sorry for the problem. This was factory reconditioned by VIZIO. While you’re waiting to hear back from Woot CS (I’ll ping them as well), you might contact VIZIO directly. They will have the parts for you where we will not.

Sorry to sound harsh, but it is not my job to correct this problem. I do not feel I should be contacting Vizio on a product I purchased from you.

You see the more time I spend trying to fix this error, the less time I get to bill on my job (which is pretty darn high) and the less free time I get. This total amount of time I spend fixing this error (that I did not cause) quickly diminishes any dollar savings I made on this purchase–which quickly removes the sole purpose to even buy from Woot (to get a good deal).

Buy Samsung or LG instead. I bought VIZIO one and ended up returning it. Became defective after a week of use. Contacted Woot who suggested contacting VIZIO. VIZIO declined to the warranty as they claimed that the product was sold to Amazon, not Woot and they only warrant the original sale. I said Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon, but they basically laughed at me. Horrible products and terrible CS. Avoid VIZIO at all cost.

I don’t see a VIZIO in your recent purchases. We will work with our vendors if you are having warranty issues.

I bought S4251w-B4, it arrived with speakers only, no cables or remote.

Woot support offered to send me $15 so I could buy these items locally… come on, is this a joke?

Same issue here. What a joke, they offered me $15 to buy these “locally”…

Yep. An insulting partial refund. I opted for the full refund. What sucks is that I purchased a set of speaker stands that I now cannot use.

That is officially the last item I will ever buy from Woot. Now I’ll just lurk until my refund arrives. :slight_smile: