VIZIO LED Smart TV of Your Choice!

**Item: **VIZIO LED Smart TV of Your Choice!
Price: $1,299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Here is a cnet review for the 70"
Product Page

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) on the 42" model over at

Lot’s of additional info on the 42" model over at the product page

Check out the product page on the 50" model


Check out some pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the same model over at

Would the Costco/SquareTrade warranty be valid for the 70" Refurb? If so $99.99 plus tax would be a great deal for a three year warranty!!

Bought the 47" - most I’ve ever paid for a TV so I am excited BUT need opinions from more experienced woot TV buyers - 4 year warranty? It’s $84.79 but for sure there will be something wrong w this TV in less than 4 years, right? In which case I get my money back?

This is timed perfectly because my TV just broke a couple days ago, but I’m a little leery about buying a refurbished TV. Any thoughts?

The 55" M550SL looks a bit out of place there. Can we confirm that it’s not suppose to be the 55" E550i-A0?

This was on Woot about a month ago and I bought the 24 inch. The WiFi seems to have poor sensitivity. My wireless router is 30 ft away but it wouldn’t work right until I found just the right way to turn the antennas. The speakers are not impressive, about what you’d expect for something like this.
Other than that, I’m totally happy with it.

Quite the price range: $149.99 - $1,299.99. I had to click-though just to see the options. NICE, 24" - 70" and a size for everyone between.

I’m really tempted, but I had a bad experience with a Woot refurb RCA TV that was a completely whacked-out POS that I had to send back. It was just kind of a hassle and a disappointment.

Is this considered new or used? I am looking to get a Square Trade Warranty and I can not seem to find their definition of new. Is refurbished considered new? I mean a 4 year $99 warranty would be awesome!

I’ve had an m470sl for about a year, which I think is the same as the m550sl only a little smaller.

I’ve been happy with it. My one small complaint is the app didn’t, the last time I checked, show my watch list, which limits its usefulness. They may have fixed that in an update; I just use the thing as a monitor connected to my receiver.

The CEC works well enough that turning on the TV also turns on my receiver, and turning off the TV turns off my receiver and my Blu-ray player (all different brands).

Please don’t send me the same broken one I just returned! I must compliment you on your exemplary handling of the return, though.

I bought a 50" from Woot about 4 years ago and no problems at all.

Anyone know if the 55" includes the enhanced 2-sided remote with keyboard?

I’ve seen the Vizios with either the standard remote or the keyboard remote in stores. I know the amazon version states that it has the 2-sided remote.
But was hoping for some more of a confirmation?

If it does not come with the keyboard remote you can get them new on ebay for less than $15.00 shipped. I have the 80" vizio and it came with the non keyboard remote but the non keyboard remote is a better build quality and has the backlit option. The keyboard one does not have that feature unfortunately but you do get the keyboard. I am going to order one just to have both.

It does. Here’s the product page.