We’re trying out a quasi-sorta-okay-maybe-not-so-newish thing here at Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE VIZIOS AND MOAR VIZIOMIZNIZIOS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.



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Check out the product page for the 40" and great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at and more good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

I cant tell, does it have MHL?

Is there a quantifiable difference between the M series vizios and the E series vizios?

Yes indeed. Just search on-line reviews for the M-series and many of them spell out the differences. Whether the upgrades on the M’s are worth the price difference to you is another matter.
Note also that the current E-series in the stores (Costco, for example) are the 550i-B2 versions; these are -A’s, 2013 vs 2014. Again, there were upgrades for the B’s that are spelled out in some of the early reviews.
We just bought a 550i-B2 yesterday; the price delta was over $100, FWIW.

Another ‘buyer beware’ moment…not quite what you wanted when it’s only $10 more than brand new - how bout the shipping cost back, doh!!!

Make sure that if you get a 42" that it has the updated firmware to fix the dimming issue talked about here

Its also a good site to learn more about these TVs in general.

I, myself, am thinking about getting the 50"

Bought the 70" in the last woot round of these. It came in a manufacturer box and all the bits and pieces look brand new. The TV itself is very nice. It is clear but as many have stated, the blacks could be blacker. still, for the price, you cannot go wrong. This looks fantastic on my wall and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I haven’t used much of the “smart” features yet but I hear they fare better than those from Samsung and others. Still, even if you don’t like it… a 70" for $1100 is expendable in a year or two.

Always wondered about this when these deals pop up. Any reason I could not buy the 24 inch model as an extra monitor for my laptop ? Would something like this work well enough for that purpose? Not even really for gaming, more just for school work and work work.

Need some input from others who have bought refurbed Vizios. I nearly bought the 32" non-smart version of this TV over the weekend at Costco for the same price (they had both last year’s and this year’s model for $199). I have a Chromecast so the smart features aren’t 100% necessary but would be a nice perk. Is it worth it to forgo the smart features in order to receive Costco’s better warranty?

I bought a refurbished vizio last year (maybe same 47" line) in a woot off. It has been less than a year and tv appears to be dead or close. Lost 3 of 4 hdmi inputs last week and now tv reboots or freezes within 20 seconds of powering on. Double check the extended warranty details and consider it carefully. Wish I had. It’s too big to be a paper weight.

I bought this tv last year from here and would happily buy another if I needed one. The tv has an incredible picture and works as it should!

What’s the stand like? I’m thinking about the 55" but I don’t want to hang it. I have cats that love nature programming and a weak and wobbly stand might not be a good thing.

The answer is Yes. Monitors used to have higher resolution than the typical TV but that is no longer the case.

I have the 24" version that I bought the last time this was wooted and I like it. I don’t use it as a computer monitor, but I put it in the bedroom and use it with my phone and a Chromecast chip in the HDMI port and it works for anything you can Chromecast. The WiFi is good and the tuner works great with an antenna. I don’t use the built-in apps but they seem to work OK.

I’ve bought two new Vizios in the past couple of years, and I’m not happy with either of them. Not sure if I’d trust a refurb.

Electronics have a U-shaped failure curve. The risk is higher when they are brand new and then drops to very low for the service life. The rate of failure goes up gradually as it gets older.

It will be a little easier to return to Costco if it fails right after you buy it. You still have to stand in line to return it. After that you are paying more for peace of mind. Personally I like saving the money.

I bought the 24 inch Visio the last time it was wooted and it has worked perfectly for me. The quick-start manual was Xeroxed and there was no battery for the remote. I figure there was less stuff for the landfill.

I will never purchase another brand! Vizio is the top seller of flat screen tvs and there’s a good reason for it. I still own a Vizio plasma tv from Costco that is over 10 years old and works perfectly, as well as a Vizio 50" LED that is 5 years old and great. I just purchased a 60" for my home in Mazatlán…Vizio is new to the market here and nearly impossible to fine so I grabbed one when I saw it in a local store. The sound on Vizio TV’s can’t be beat. I added a sound bar to the 50" and it was totally unnecessary.

I got the 70" back in April 2013 for $1300. Looks and works like brand new. No complaints here.

I had the same issue with a LG refurb tv I bought from them. I told myself never again but… maybe this time will be different.