Vizio says 120Hz. Hope that helps!

“I’m interested in the 40” model, especially because it’s listed as 120 HZ, because I really only use the TV for video games."

It does not help. The 120 Hz is a marketing gimmick. Samsung does the same thing (Real Motion or some such name), as do others. This is a 60 Hz set.

And be prepared to buy a new remote. Worst. Remote. Ever! Painful to use–small, stiff buttons.

And, the refresh rate has nothing to do with a TV’s suitability for gaming. Lag (or latency) is the prime number to look for (in msecs).

Has anybody mentioned that they don’t last? As cheap as they are at Costco, I pay the extra for any non-Vizio brand. Fool me thrice, shame on…

That’s who should be ashamed.

ok… I’ve had the 32" version of this TV for a couple years now…

Good Picture.
Easily mountable.
Connects to web via Wifi or cat5.
USB port will read thumbdrives for watching video (AVI, MP4) or accept a wireless keyboard for Netflix/web searches.
Decent sound.

Slow to boot up.
Doesn’t stream media from my PC over network very well.
Finicky about what video codecs it wants to play.
Remote has an annoying “click” whenever you push a button and is too lightweight… I lose it all the time. (I think that the bigger TV’s come with a higher-end remote)
Menus can be sluggish/lagged when perusing Netflix, Hulu, etc…