Vizio M Series 1080p Smart LED TVs

We’re trying out a not-so-much-kinda-new-ish thing here at Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE VIZIO AND MOAR VIZIOZIOZIOS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Link to the sale:


Time to check out the product page for the 60" and check out this “very good” review over at cnet


Check out the product page for the 40" and pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

I purchased a brand new M321i-A2 32" Vizio a couple weeks ago at Best Buy, which is same model as the refurbished one featured here. I paid the same price of $279.99 and since it was new I got a full year warranty, so this refurb offer is not that great of a deal. Also a refurbished 40" M401i-A3 can be purchased from for $328, which is $52 cheaper than Woot’s price (although they’re currently out of stock, but it usually comes back)

This is NOT a good deal at all. A 60" refurbished last year model for $1149??

Go to Costco website and you will find a brand new Vizio 60" 2014 model with a 2 year warranty for the exact same price.

That was all it took for me to decide not to buy. Thanks!

I agree with others…hey Sam’s club has the 60" for a buck less brand new. Nope, while CNET has really nice reviews of the M series of Vizios, I’m not spending more and getting less this time around.

I just bought the M602 from Costco last week. It is the same TV except it doesn’t do 3D so if that’s something you need you’d better get it here at woot. Yes, the 2014 is cheaper but lacks 3D functionality so this is actually a decent deal for this TV. That being said, the blacks on this TV are really black, the picture is solid, and the local dimming is fantastic. No more flash lighting like on my Samsung which cost much more for a smaller screen and a jank picture. I’d buy it again but I’d buy this model year if I needed the 3D.

Not so SMART Tv’s
These are not DLNA compliant.
Access a folder with mixed content and the TV hangs. It then must be unplugged and re-booted. I have 2 sets that act the same way. Trouble ticket logged with Visio and their answer was “not DLNA compliant” some feature work others may not.

New firmware/software just released today that makes this model much better. I haven’t done full testing yet, but so far it changes all of the apps to be full screen and in a format similar to the PS3 console. In addition, it has finally added wifi functionality to the remote so you can control the tv from a different room if desired, but more importantly it overcomes the terrible IR signal issues this set is known for.

For those looking at the new version just released, keep in mind that they changed a number of features in the new models and dropped the 3D capabilities altogether. If possible, I would try to find a store carrying both and compare them side by side; some may prefer the image on this set over the new version.

Just like cars, an updated model doesn’t mean a better model.

If only Yahoo had a dev kit… or maybe is some sort of a $5 dongle that connects through HDMI and communicates to end user via wifi… then you could customize it to do anything you would want it to, like…you could even make a private 24/7 platypus stream, where they’d all wear hats!

Man, if only either of those existed…

Seriously though, there’s a reason why countless other solutions exist, and they’re specifically tailored to unique wants and needs. ‘Smart TVs’ are made for the majority of the market and they cover a wide variety of features that your average consumer wants.

The DLNA capabilities on these TVs, just like others, isn’t mature (read: handful of codecs). TV companies specialize in creating Televisions, the other bells and whistles are just addons. They literally spend time making sure that the actual Television portion of the TV doesn’t set on fire, stays in one piece, and doesn’t steal your cookies.

If you’re an average user who enjoys the hell out of services like Pandora and Netflix, you have nothing to worry about. If you try to watch anything on Netflix, it’ll work without a doubt, and might even give you a back rub if you’re lucky.

However, if you want to support your personal library of movies (which I’m going to guess they’re ‘permanently borrowed’), encoded in your own personal x264Platypus codec, then you’re going to have problems. Either get this magical $30 dongle I’ve heard legends told of by this orange man with a giant head, or run it connected to a media PC, or whatever else you prefer. As a power user and as someone who requires a customized experience, my dear sir/madame, you will be forced to do some work. Even if you were to modify any open source app on Vizio’s store itself and you’re a total nub, you’ll figure it out in no time … Yahoo’s SDK is very simplistic.

Just remember, wrap a try statement around the encoding process on your personal and futuristic Plat-in-a-hat Cast. This way, you’ll know which codec you’re missing. Now if you really want to get fancy and show Vizio who the real boss around town is, you can set it to display “IS 100% COMPLETELY DLNA COMPLIANT!”, and then simply send them a picture of that screen.

Now for my final, and most important, piece of advice… make sure you DO NOT tell anyone I told you this but… just make sure you attach a chocolate bar to that inquiry with them, Vizio Techs love chocolate.