VIZIO P65-C1 65" 4K HDR Display w/Tablet

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VIZIO P65-C1 65" 4K HDR Display w/Tablet
Price: $999.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Those of you that have read about or have concerns about the tablet reviews. IMO you can ignore, I have one and the tablet is easy to use after a short learning curve.

Also Vizio is also offering a 2nd remote for free that facilitates much of the streaming functions.

This a great TV and is not the vizio cheaper line of sets. Typically vizio sells a lot of promotional sets that people bitch about.

Lastly, streaming services such as Netflix regardless what you read about demand a certain amount of bandwidth to be used effectively. This bandwidth seems to be 30 mbs or greater in your home. 4k is remarkable when streamed, almost erie in clarity compared to 1080 or 720. Also a powerful or robust router also is very helpful to prevent and frame freeze when watching.

If you have basic internet service at your home (10-15mbs) and your are streaming a program while your friend is online with their laptop and two more friends are surfing the web. You will have issues with many TVs regardless of the brand/model

I have the P75-C1 - the tablet is indeed easy to use and actually I enjoy being able to search for Netflix shows on the tablet first then streaming the on the TV. The picture is incredible for the price and great overall value. And yes the second remote is being sent to all owners for free but I’ve been waiting for it for 6 weeks… then again I use the tablet so do not miss it.

would you say this tv can compare to oled technology? i’m on the fence between this one and an oled. the oled is much more expensive tho.

I just purchased an LG OLED65F7 3 weeks ago. There is NOTHING currently available that comes close to the picture quality and the viewing angle of an OLED. They are pricey though. I also would consider Sony, Samsung or LG over Vizio. Vizio is not very high on my quality TV list.

Vizio doesn’t do Amazon Prime Movies. Pass.

Regarding HDR; This TV no longer just supports Dolby Vision as listed in the specs. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 (via firmware upgrade).

Wish it had a Black bezel

I have this TV (purchased new at Costco) and I absolutely love it. I almost bought an OLED but purchased two of these instead and have no regrets. Even in a completely dark room, the blacks are perfectly black and there’s no halo backlighting effect, even on white text with black backgrounds. The local dimming works spectacularly well, it has both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The android tablet/remote while confusing at first makes a lot more sense when you use it the first time. You can install any Android app (including Amazon Prime Video) and chromecast the video to the TV since it’s built in.

I personally don’t use the tablet/remote and just use my iPhone since the same apps are available for iOS and many apps on iOS both cast and airplay these days.

If you can find one in a local shop (Costco or Best Buy used to have them, not sure if they still do), go check it out in person, they are amazing sets, especially for the price.

I was just at costco yesterday looking at tvs. I actually had a very knowledgeable staff member tell me to keep an eye out for a P series vizio.

How much were these at costco?

Good info, ty!

Are you sure?

My 2012 Sony 50ex645 LED set did Amazon Prime just fine, my new Hisense4k HDR set does it in 4k, so I doubt this set doesn’t support it being it’s a extremely popular service with video and fast free shipping and other perks. I haven’t researched this Vizio but I bet it does support it.

This might come back and bite me, but I bought one… I have prime and watch tv series and movies thru it…

From the two links posted if it doesn’t have it on the main screen it will get it with a software upgrade so your going to be fine.
Also seeing how it appears to use a VA panel with 128 zones of local dimming the black levels should be almost as good as a OLED set. That Hisense I bought has a VA panel and very low amount of full array local dimming zones and the black levels look awesome as long as your fairly centered on the screen. The black levels look about the same whether I turn the local dimming off or on on normal video content but you can see the screen barely glow with no video signal when it’s off. When I turn it back on the screen goes completely black.
I think most folks that buy this are going to be happy all around.

what is the pixel guarantee on this set? most refurbs have an allowable amount of bad / dead pixels and i cant stand them. if this also has the zero dead pixel a new one has i would prob grab one. can anyone from woot confirm?

Now people are passing on a really great TV because it may not do Amazon Prime Video?

The number one reason I purchase any TV is that it’s a very good display device. The streaming apps are a much lower priority seeing as how just about everything you’d plug into it streams these days.

If Amazon Prime Video is your single issue, simply obtain a FireStick and slap it into an HDMI port. If you want to go 4K streaming, then you’ll need something with a bit more balls.

All game consoles have streaming apps. Firestick and FireTV, Roku, Xbox One, PS4, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, your phone and the list goes on and on and on. Many of them do 4K output as well.

Some 4K streaming devices:
Nvidia Shield TV
Xbox One S & X
Roku Ultra, Premiere & Premiere +
FireTV (box not stick)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast Ultra 4k
and more

It seems somewhat foolish to reject a TV like this simply because it may not have Amazon Prime Video built-in as a streaming app when there are so many other options available to obtain that feature.

Did you miss the post that said I bought one? It was just a discussion point anyway.