Vizio Razor-Thin 1080p 26” LED HDTV

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The narrative alone makes me want one just because it made me homesick. Which is strangely sad… :smiley:

That being said, the Vizio LED TVs are amazing. I have trouble watching the 42" I already have because the shows look weirdly overly realistic and it’s disorienting. I like my people in the little box to STAY in the little box, thank you very much. But if you’re into all that horrible up close and personal-ness can’t go wrong with Vizio. Great size for a kid’s room or office.

$298 on Amazon. 4.5 star Rating. Would be nice if they had the option to buy White.

This TV is edge-lit, so no local dimming, although that still tends to be a mid-to-high-end feature anyway.



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This appears to be the same one being offered new at Walmart for $298 and this weekend being offered for $198.

If this was new, Id have considered it rather than fighting at Walmart to get one, but I am NOT going to pay more for a refurb than a new one.

sorry, bad deal but I understand why you are trying to get rid of them before the sales start.

I hate it when people do this, and I hate Walmart but this is the same model you can get NEW for $198 starting Saturday at 8am (if you can handle the sites, sounds, and smells of your local Walmart).


Sorry woot… not a good deal.

Although the title said 1080p, this TV is NOT. The technical specs does not list 1080p and the native resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels = 720p ONLY.

Unboxing video

This is NOT an LED TV. This is an LED backlit LCD TV.

Here’s the manual

Quick Start guide

overview sheet

Like hackman2007 said, this doesn’t look like a 1080p set. The specs even say native resolution is 1366x768 (720p).

Also, not to undermine woot (I love you woot, really. I’m just a general deal hunter.), but this set is part of Walmart’s sale this weekend for $198:

Walmart Christmas Shop

It will probably be a hot item though. If you don’t want to risk it, this isn’t a bad price.

Edit: Man, people comment fast!

How do you know this? And is it all Walmarts?

Exact same TV, except it’s new there.

If you’ve got a nearby Wal, and you don’t mind the potential crowd surfing, it’s a much better deal for a new TV.

And yes, it’s a 720 TV, as clearly indicated by the specs. Woot botched the title. shakes fist at woot (I still love you).

So…Moofi has a 25" monitor for sale:

How would this stack up to that if I hooked up my computer to it? (I.e. which do you think is better for, say, playing warcraft/minecraft/starcraft II and counterstrike on?)

The listing has been corrected. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the mistake.

If you ordered prior to the correction and would like to cancel your order, please email

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Sorry if this a stupid question, but what exactly is a LED TV? I was under the impression that LED TV was just short for LED-backlit LCD TV. Are there (consumer-size) TV’s out there where the actual pixels are LEDs? (not trying to be snarky, genuinely curious)