Vizio Razor-Thin 1080p 26” LED HDTV

Here is the link to the product on Amazon.
Slightly dissapointed that I’d be saving less than $70 and getting a refurbished unit. I think I’m going to go with the Insignia from Best Buy because for < $80 more I get a new unit w/ a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now this is a quality post!

(PS…must have been a short sale, i wanted the 55’ Vizio, but it is already sold out (i checked it 15 minutes after the start). So good luck for those wanting to get the 26" coming up)

sdc100…And i ALWAYS read your posts, your posts are always top-notch and you do it without getting “snarky”!

You are correct that guy is confused. LED TV is a term made up by big tv companies markting. It is used for ANY tv that uses led’s to illuminate the screen instead of the old energy wasting lightbulbs.

There are different ways that the led’s can light the screen, the best of which is local dimming meaning that the leds are located right behind the screen so only the parts of the screen that are needed to be “on” have the leds light up. Even though it provides superior picture quality this method is less common becuase the tvs have to be thicker to accommodate the leds behind the screen. The other most popular way to light a screen is have the leds to the side of the screen and then essentially pipe the light to the areas of the screen where it is needed. That guys doesn’t realize that every single tv that has leds in it is refered to as an LED tv thanks to samsung who really made a huge marketing push for it. To more specifically answer your question no, no tv’s are made of only leds an no lcd on top.

I repeat ANY and ALL tvs that use leds to light the screen are refered to as “LED TVs” by the marketing people of the large electronics companies, and MOST tvs today are edge lit since it lets the tvs be sigfnicantly thinner.

6 inches of depth makes a pretty dull razor.

Check out this Reliability Chart.

Here’s the article it came from.

Anyone know what Woot’s dead pixel policy is?

While the walmart deal is a better deal, I think it would be worth the extra money to skip the crowded stores. That may just be me.

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That “weirdly overly realistic” look comes from having the “smooth view” feature turned on. Turn it off and it will look normal.

All LED TV’s are LED back-lit LCD’s. However, there are two kinds of lighting, back-lit or edge-lit. This one is edge-lit, the lower level of the two types.

I was thinking that too, then I realized thats the thickness with the stand on.

Product site says it has a 0.86” thin profile with the max. depth of the TV itself being 2.37". From the pics it looks like it must be 0.86" thick around the edges and gradually thicken to the 2.37" as you get to the much thicker middle of the TV.

Dimensions from the Product’s spec page say this:

With Stand: 25.35"W x 17.00"H x 5.86"D
Without Stand: 25.35"W x 17.00"H x 2.30"D

I own this TV. I purchased it at Walmart a few months ago. Not sure why Woot! claims it’s a 720p/1080i TV, because it’s definitely a 1080p TV.

Aside from that, it’s a beauty. .75" thick, LED backlit, sleek design. It’s a great deal for the price if you don’t need a humongous television.

The stand is kind of wobbly, but that may be because my floor is a tad bit uneven where I have it sitting.

I bought it for $328 new. Refurb for just above $200 seems OK, however, the price has been going down on it.

Anyone have any suggestions regarding the best wall or desk mount for this TV? I see tons of them on most of which have great reviews. This will be used in a kitchen where it will be used flat against the wall as well as extended out and turned 90 degrees to face sideways towards a separate viewing area.

Looks like with a max width of 25.35" that anything with at least a 13" extension ought to allow one to turn it 90 degrees sideways at full extension.

From the Vizio Product Page:

Native Panel Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels

Signal Compatibility: 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i

Yes, I am aware of that. The box, however, has a 1080p sticker on it. My inputs also give me 1080p through Component and HDMI. Not sure if there were two models of very similar specifications, but this is definitely the TV I have.

Is there a model number on your TV?

L.M.A.O, Amazon Goldbox just had this NEW for $198.

Way to go Woot.