Vizio Razor-Thin 1080p 26” LED HDTV

Anyone have any suggestions regarding the best wall or desk mount for this TV? I see tons of them on most of which have great reviews. This will be used in a kitchen where it will be used flat against the wall as well as extended out and turned 90 degrees to face sideways towards a separate viewing area.

Looks like with a max width of 25.35" that anything with at least a 13" extension ought to allow one to turn it 90 degrees sideways at full extension.

From the Vizio Product Page:

Native Panel Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels

Signal Compatibility: 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i

Yes, I am aware of that. The box, however, has a 1080p sticker on it. My inputs also give me 1080p through Component and HDMI. Not sure if there were two models of very similar specifications, but this is definitely the TV I have.

Is there a model number on your TV?

L.M.A.O, Amazon Goldbox just had this NEW for $198.

Way to go Woot.

Today has made up for it though!

I just tried to snag the Amazon lightning deal, and it sold out in literally less than a second. It said 0% claimed, I click add to cart, it says 100% claimed and does not even take me to a buy page or sorry page. Good luck buying this thing for cheaper than listed price at a store, if you’re not the first one there you’re not going to even see it in stock.

I’m happy paying $35 more for a refurbished model without the headache of Walmart crowd surfing. You know with one of these models at least one tech has looked at it and turned it off and on :slight_smile:

Speaking of your Wootname, that sounds even harder to get than a Baggie of Cthulhu.

when does the wal-mart deal start?

my local wal-mart is open 24 hrs


That t just snuck up in there.
Note to self: Reread posts for sloppy typing.

@llandar I assumed that was your write-up. Somebody is gonna be cranky for a while.

Tried to buy this at Walmart. Sold-out online and the four closest stores. Maybe a Woot-off!

Thanks for posting the link and Info, I was able to pick one up this morning!!!

Shipping Update

Vizio Razor-Thin 720p 26” LED LCD HDTV has completely shipped via FEDEX GROUND. All tracking will be emailed by the end of the day to members who purchased this item. If you would like to find your tracking information sooner, please click the following link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


Got mine in the mail yesterday, watched some Netflix last night and working on my wall-mount today :slight_smile: Great deal, thanks Woot!!