VIZIO Recertified LED HDTVs

These recertified TVs are simply too expensive compared to brand new options, especially if you factor in the 90 day warranty and the extra cost of an extended warranty. Also, maybe there is a reason there are so many offers for refurbished Vizio TVs on woot.

Even worse for these TV’s at such prices is the fact that the sales are starting so soon. I don’t quite know what woot is thinking on this one.

Let’s check out the product page on the 24" and 32" and 37" and 42"


Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the 32" over

I just looked at the walmart black friday ad today. It would be foolish to buy a tv now, you can get a new one cheaper than these if you wait a couple weeks.

Choose one of these Vizio HDTVs or CHOOSE THEM ALL!!! Muahaha! - Woot

Cruel, cruel Woot demons. You offer me 4 TVs, entice me to throw caution to the wind, to buy them all in a fit of righteous glory and SHOW MY AUTHORITY to the world.

Emboldened by your deceitful lies, I charge forward like a fool, clicking ‘I want one’ and laughing quietly to myself as I think … No, I WANT THEM ALL!!!

As I add these TV’s to my cart, to claim what is rightfully MINE, I make my way through 3 of the 4 options only to find myself caught in your web of lies.

Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.
Leave some for the rest of us!

What is this? I must accept WOOTS REIGN over my own home?

I was a fool, a fool to believe in you. You leave me 3/4 the man you made me think I could be.

Such a man could never escape the tyrrany I have been facing. I must repent, and hope my groveling serves me as a lesson in the future, lest I dare to dream in Woots foolish lies again.

That’s funny; I have a 42’’ Vizio LED TV that I’m using as a doorstop right now. Waiting for a repair technician to come and install new firmware. They’ll be here Monday. It crashed about 10 days ago. All this … FOR A FIRMWARE UPDATE.

I saw Target’s Black Friday preview ad. I am in the market for a 40-47" tv this season. Target will have a 47" Vizio for $397 minus my 5% Red Card debit card discount. Online at Target, the reviews are pretty good for this, however, it says online only. I will stop by the store and check them out first soon to get a preview. Not sure about the brand. I have heard mixed reviews. A friend has two, around 32" size, and he loves them. I would prefer a Panasonic or a Sony.

Woot, why not list the price of each size in a list in the Features tab as has been done in the past?

(Although It is nice that you’ve set it up so two drop-downs are no longer needed to comply with the California size-tax. That’s an improvement.)

Was hoping for a 120 Hz refresh LED tv to be offered…no deal.

I’m in the market for a new 42" television, but practically all of the TVs I find nowadays do not include the inputs I require. I am currently using 2 component (Wii & DVD player), 1 VGA (computer), 1 HDMI (Roku), and occasionally 1 composite (PS2). Am I just too “old school” for newer televisions? Component/Composite seem to always be shared these days and each TV has a million HDMI ports instead.

You should be able to find a receiver with all the ports you need, and then just run that in to your TV.

We got caught by that when we import 800+ sales into a Woot-Off. We can’t read every sale and the price in the feature might not match the price we’re selling it for.

And we can’t list them next to the size in the drop down because only the size can be there thanks to California tax stuff.

And now you know.

WOOT; Your excuse about how you have drops for FEDEX therefor cannot ship to APO/FPO. Just want you to know that we all know that is BS, you can use USPS! It all comes down to the money, your warfighters are not worth the trouble and expense; Ok, got it!

They would still be unable to ship anything with a non-removable lithium battery, due to USPS regulations.

Yep, too old school. It looks like you can get an adapter for your Wii to use HDMI for about $20. An HDMI-capable DVD player is probably in the same price range. Then you wouldn’t need component, which is basically deprecated at this point.

Good point. I bout one in July & it stopped working with little usage, recently–just out of warranty. Vizio thinks its the power supply. I have to decide if I want to pay to have it fixed. I did not buy the warranty. As you stated there are a lot of new TVs that are similarly priced.

Not true! Restrictions have been lifted. lithium batterys more than 22lbs are unable to ship. Where is the lithium battery in an 8lb TV?
When lithium batteries of relatively small electrical capacity are shipped
in small quantities in accordance with the regulations, packages are
not fully regulated as Dangerous Goods and do not require a UPS
Dangerous Goods contract.

Regarding factory reconditioned monitors. I bought two of the same kind from woot last week. I would warn everyone to buy with caution as one of my two monitors arrived broken. So that’s a 50/50 success rate on that fragile sale. $100.00 down the drain.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. No money down the drain. Did you email customer service?

Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.