VIZIO SB2820n-E0 28" 2.0 Sound Bar

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VIZIO SB2820n-E0 28" 2.0 Sound Bar
Price: $49.99
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wrote post about wrong model, oops

Can we assume that this does not come with any wall mount brackets?

I have had this soundbar for about 2 years (got it on sale for $49.99 NEW at BB) for the price its a great sounbar But I only use it when running on treadmill. Wouldnt want it in my main tv viewing room, perfect for a bedroom. Like the sub out, connected a Sony powered sub and it worked fine (unlike a Zvox sound base I tried) its not real loud unless you use the 2 “sound enhancer” settings it has. To me it sounds like decent TV speakers but its aimed at you which makes a big difference.

Would this works as a computer speaker?

“Room shaking bass”

Lol, not with no subwoofer.

This is a glorified stereo computer speaker, only without the ability to separate the two channels farther because they are physically in the same box.

Don’t get me wrong, the 2.1 and 5.1 VIZIO sound bars with sub woofers are really nice sounding for not much money.

It has a 3.5 MM input jack, so yes.

But be sure your monitor has enough space between the base and the monitor to slip it in there unless you have lots of desk space.

The benefit of separate speakers is more flexibility in placement, even on either side, behind the monitor.

So I could use this as an aux speaker for my Echo Dot, right?


Great! Thanks for confirming what I was pretty sure was true (but wasn’t certain).

Yes, and that is how I use mine. Bought at clearance at Wally-land last year. I wanted to try with my TV in the bedroom, but it uses the same remote codes as my Grace Digital radio in the same room. Every time I turned up the volume, the radio would turn on. I had to get a Sony sound base for that TV (and I am way more happy with that) and found a way to repurpose this with my PC.

But this worked out for me better as I have an optical out jack on my PC available, and the 20 year old speakers I was using really needed to go away long ago. Cleaned up a lot of wire spaghetti this way.

It has a paper template to put 2 screws into a wall and hang directly on them. This unit is very light and will hang on screws with drywall anchors.

What I can say as someone who bought this is that you will get what you pay for. It is about $50-$60 worth of audio equipment. Sounds a bit tinny. No real bass. A small improvement from the speakers on a cheaper TV. But the remote codes might interfere with another device you have (it did for me).

So after the fail using with my bedroom TV, I found it was well-suited to use with my desktop PC, and I really needed something newer there anyhow.

As for my bedroom TV, I dug further in the wallet and bought a discontinued Sony sound base for $119. Gained a sub-woofer integrated into the thing, TV sits on top neatly, and it is fully controlled by HDMI-CEC connection. My TV controls on-off and volume without having to use the remote that comes with it. So shop a little harder, pay some more, and you can really have something that is not so much of a compromise to use.

The well reviewed VIZIO 36 inch 2.1 (with sub woofer) sound bar is $119 at both Costco and SAMs thru tomorrow… and I think I saw the Costco price was extended further into February.)

Can I stream to Bluetooth headphones with this?

I’d like to know if you can use the Bluetooth as an output at the same time as the speakers. My wife’s hearing aid has a bluetooth input, so she can have the volume louder than is comfortable for me.

Sold out now, but to answer your question, this soundbar’s Bluetooth connection’s purpose is as a connection input - so to use your Smartphone or Tablet as a streaming source of media content to be played on the sound bar.

It is not a Bluetooth output connection.

There are Bluetooth adapters that convert the 3.5mm jack on your TV or in your car to Bluetooth. Goolge or preferrably, DuckDuckGo (better privacy and honest, unbiased search results) “3.5mm bluetooth adapter”