Vizio SB2821-D6 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System

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Vizio SB2821-D6 2.1 Channel Sound Bar System
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I purchased a 36" Vizio model SB3621n-E8 from Costco (Sams also had the same deal), and I was so impressed I bought another (they were $99 on sale at the time). It’s weird because you don’t expect a name like Vizio to really put anything out that great regarding sound. I compared these against the Bose Solo Sound Bar $220, a Polk 2.1 sound bar at $160 (not impressed with this at all), Yamaha ATS-1070 at $160 and Samsung HW-MM45C at $150. The only one that I could say sounded slightly better would be the Samsung, but the subwoofer was too big for the shelf where I was going to put them, so the Vizio was a better fit. Having said that the woot 28" model here is a little brother, and the reviews aren’t nearly as numerous or as good as the SB3621n-E8. I would wait for the 36" Vizio to go on sale again or go with the Samsung HW-MM45C (if you have the room for the bigger subwoofer) it’s on sale now at Costco for $140.

Before I buy, I’m looking for some help… My TV only has audio output via 3.5mm jack (I know, I need to upgrade) - no optical or RCA audio output available. I see this comes with a RCA to 3.5mm stereo audio cable, would this allow me to plug the sound bar into my TV? Thanks in advance!

Looks like it has a 3.5 on it as an AUX input, and also RCA (which can be converted from 3.5 if you prefer).

Here’s the manufacturer’s site for a pic of the inputs:

That said, if I were you, I’d spend the extra $100 and buy a cheap Walmart TV (doesn’t sound like you’re too picky) which will be an upgrade in both sound and picture.

I bought this from WalMart a few months ago because I needed an inexpensive and compact system. I’ve been really impressed with the sound quality for such a small system. The bass is good enough. No, it won’t shake your whole house, but it rumbles my living room when placed in a corner (like they suggest). It’s a huge improvement over the TV speakers and a great value if you don’t have a huge room to fill. Plus the sound bar fit nicely into my TV stand whereas a larger one wouldn’t have. I paid about $110 new.

I have a usage question, will this use the volume from the tv and do I have to use the headphone output on the tv to get this effect or can I use optical?

Will it stay on or do I have to use a second remote to turn it on every day?

I have mine hooked up with an optical connection. I disabled the TV speakers and was able to program my Comcast remote to control the cable box, TV, and soundbar. My TV is a TCL, btw, and the remote will control all 3 if programed correctly through Comcast’s setup options.

I had to go to Vizio’s support page to find the correct code for the Comcast remote as Comcast’s site was incorrect.

Ah, thanks. This would be an ideal solution if my mom has a programmable remote. She has a woot refurb tv and the speakers are shot which is why she needs this now, but not sure I can reprogram the remote that came with it or succeed in changing the setup there with a new remote, lol change.