VIZIO SB3651-E6 36" 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System

VIZIO SB3651-E6 36" 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System

Bass you can feel.

From the roar of a concert to the rumble of your party playlist, the sleek wireless subwoofer delivers room-shaking bass as deep as 50 Hz.

Maybe I’m an audiophile but my farts can hit lower than 50Hz

Take karaoke night to the next level. Straight into your neighbor’s living room.

Don’t deny your friends, your neighbors or the guy across the street who never pulls his blinds down the pure ecstasy of your voice as you belt out, “ Exxiiitt Light! Enter Night. Takkkeee my haannddd…

PS… Metallica has mad lawyers so watch yourself

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Picked one of these up last time it was on Woot. I’m no audiophile, but it sounds good in my theater…no complaints so far!


I have a couple of these without the surround. Funny thing is that with the name “Vizio” most people might not even give this thing a chance. I’ve seen these in Costco, Sam’s, Walmart… and if you ever listen to the displays, the Vizio will sound better than other systems up to twice their price. If you’re planning on spending <$200 on a sound bar- this is your best bet by far.

Are the speakers wifi or hard wired?

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We have a couple “real” home theater setups, so have minimal need for one of these… but I’ve heard this system and it is very impressive, especially for the cost.

I compared it a couple years ago to several traditional “speaker company” systems (costing up to twice as much) at Best Buy… and found that while some of those other systems might have had a bit more bass, this system sounded more clean.

We have the SB3851-D0 system (basically just the 38" version). It has excellent sound. The wireless sub makes it so much easier to place the speakers. And so much better than simply front speakers alone.

The surround speakers are wired and passive - the speaker wires for then hook into ports on the subwoofer.

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I have two of these and absolutely love them. Even without turning the volume/bass up that high, the neighbors came over and asked what kind of “Sound System” we had. If you’re interested at all, I say go for it…especially at this price!

As already mentioned, this system sounds as good or better than many systems costing 2-3 times as much. Well balanced, clear sound with no booming bass. IMHO, VISIO has come a long way in the past couple of years in their quality and value.

Are the auxiliary speakers wireless?

They are wired and passive. They hook into the subwoofer.

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I’ll be the 1st to say, I don’t like sound bars. They pretty much universally are bad… that said, you literally will not ever find a cheaper way to have 5.1(sorta) sound. This would be a great buy for someone looking to upgrade from their awful built in TV speakers.

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I got one of these from Best Buy awhile ago and I agree that it does get pretty loud. I spent hours testing everything they had and for the money this one was the best. I do have a problem though, and it may just be me, but I use a TiVo Mini and when the menu is on the screen it makes a very loud high pitched buzz until the menu disappears. It could be that it’s a no-name cheap TV, could be cables, could be the TiVo, but i have tried another soundbar and it did not make those sounds. So I dunno…

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will this provide significant improvement for dialogue to be heard clearly over background music/noise?

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The sound bar is wired, either with HDMI, Toslink, or RCA from the TV. It then transmits wirelessly to the subwoofer, and then the two surround speakers are cabled to the subwoofer.

I have two of these refurbished systems, and they are excellent.

Will this go on and off with the TV, or will I have to turn it on and off with the remote, or leave it on all the time?

I have another soundbar that senses the signal from the TV, and turns itself off and on. I looked through the quick start guide, but found no clues as to the presence of such a feature.

Yes, in this case, I will actually have a reasonably recent Vizio TV, but I will be controlling everything with a TiVo remote.

Does this work with Alexa? I saw a note that it works with Google Assistant, but nothing on Alexa.

Never mind. In for one. I think I have it figured out.

I’ve never seen a “two-step” warranty like this before. Looks like I need to test it out right away, even though I will not use it until a room re-org a little later.

Found this in the Q&A on Amazon:

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