Vizio Slim 37” 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV

I think pass. I got a 42in 1080 Magnavox lcd from Target for five large right before superbowl. If you look around the sales and deals are out their for a non-referbished tv.

Does anybody know if you get the original remote with this TV. The last time I bought a TV here (a refurb), I found that I got a generic remote control that didn’t quite control all the functions of the TV. I had to buy another original remote for my TV just to control all the TV features.

You’re confusing two different 3D technologies. The technology you’re referring to, where the glasses come with the movie, is anaglyph 3D. The 3D effect works because the left and right images are color coded (red and blue), as are the left and right lenses of the glasses. That’s old-school 3D technology, and most people find it causes eye strain.

The new technology uses special hardware glasses with clear lenses, and it only works with special 3D-enabled LCD televisions that support it (which this one is not). The LCD displays alternating left and right images faster than your eye can distinguish (which is why it needs to have a high refresh rate). The electronics in the glasses only allow the correct left or right images to pass through the lens of the the proper eye (using some kind of magic I’m ignorant to). The advantages are a MUCH better 3D experience, no colored glasses to distort the color of the movie, and none of the eye-strain caused by the old anaglyph 3D. It’s vastly better.

The difference between old 3D with colored glasses, and the new hardware-based 3D has to be seen to be believed. They’re not even comparable.

I bought this exact model a few months ago and am very happy with it. I’m using a receiver for audio so I can’t tell you about the sound, but the picture is fantastic. Search AVS Forum for reviews, the general praise for this model was why I purchased it (and AVS Forum regulars are hard to please).

Don’t think of the refurb as used, just think of it as tested! All the problems have already been worked out and fixed.

That one has a refresh rate of 60Hz compared to 120Hz of this one. It also has a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 compared to 50,000:1 of this one. It’s also 3.86" thick, compared to 2.2" of this one. I bet it’s a lot heavier too. Overall, the one on Woot is just a lot nicer than that slightly cheaper Walmart model. Definitely worth the extra $12.

This seems it would be nice for world of warcraft, with an Nvidia 3D card and glasses.

You can get the Square Trade Warranty. Didn’t you see the logo on the bottom re: description ?

I paid 400.00 3 years ago on a 37 inch 720P Magnavox and it works fantastic as a bedroom TV. It has a surprisingly good picture and it was a one day special on newegg. Vizio is a medium type brand aka like Magnavox (which is made by Phillips)

I’ve never bought a refurbished product off of Woot before. Can anyone help me out here? Is it almost the same as buying a new tv? I’m seriously considering this vizio but I want to figure out if it is worth saving the $100-200 if a refurbished TV will not result in a quality product (i.e. it has a stuck pixel, power issues, etc.)

by the way, I don’t know why some of you are complaining about refurbished prices. You’re forgetting about shipping which is built in since all the shipping is $5…

I actually went to my local Wal-Mart to buy that specific TV and when I got there they were having a closeout or clearance or something and I ended up getting a Vizio 37" 1080, 120 for $449 plus tax - new in box - not a floor model. When we built our house (7 years ago) we had a TV arch put in above the fireplace for our TV and then all the flat screens started coming. We measured a hundred times and the 37" was actually perfect for us - it fit the space almost exactly and it’s not too much screen when we’re sitting on the couch since we don’t have a huge theater room or anything.

WOW! An entire weekend with no TV - how did they ever survive? Did they all go mad and eat each other?

Does anyone know how well the tuner works at the gym?

I just realized my husband stole my laptop and Wooted last because I just glanced up and I’m logged in as him. Oh, well.

I’ve been wooting since 2005 and the one thing I’ve learned is that when everybody praises a product - get it THEN!

When EVERYBODY bashes a product, be wary (you can be weary, if you want to, also).

But when it seems somewhat divided, take it with a grain of salt. Most Woot products are designed just fine for the average person. Die-hard Wooters are NOT your average consumers. They are (with absolutely no offense intended) snooty techno-snobs and I’m great now, but it took me a long time to read between the lines at what was really bad and what was just the dissatisfaction of electronic gadget lovers demanding perfection.

I, personally, have heard nothing but good things about Vizio for the last two years while shopping for a TV. But, hard-core electronics junkies diss a product if it doesn’t play music, hold a lot of data, have a crystal clear picture and make them eggs benedict in the morning!

And one of my Captcha words is opinion - rather fitting for my post!

RE: Refurbs

We have never personally bought a refurb TV and for some reason I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable, but like another Wooter, we have bought a floor model and it’s been just fine.

However, with that being said, we have bought a great number of refurbs - DVD players, DVD recorders, computers - that kind of stuff and have never had any problem with them. We’ve always bought the extended warranty and never used it.

In reference to my earlier post about die-hard Wooters demanding perfection - they really hate on the refurbs.

I’ve had their 42" (VO420EP) since last August with zero complaints. It’s awesome! Use it a lot with my computer too. And at $648 at the time, it was a hell of a deal.

Granted, I read about a lot of problems with them too and if they weren’t located just 20 miles from me, I might have passed. But they are the #1 seller of TVs in the US. So that just means there is more people to complain about them. Maybe that is why it seems like they have a bad rep? Especially since they basically didn’t exist 4 years ago. Who knows?

As far as this Woot goes though, spend $75 more and get a new one instead of refurbished one. This is a pretty lame deal.

Here are the physical dimensions direct from Vizio if anybody has a size requirement (like an entertainment center) Since the description doesn’t seem to have it. (bad woot!)

With Stand: 35.551"W x 24.803"H x 9.291"D
Without Stand: 35.551"W x 23.031"H x 2.165"D

Thanks, Unc! That’s one reason we shopped so carefully. An entertainment center can be easily found for cheap in the classifieds, but we had a built in space in the wall specifically for a TV. You’re right - I went back and looked. Wonder why they didn’t post specs.

I have this model in a smaller size and it OUTSHINES the 2 Philips plazmas that I also have.

In for three…counter says everybdy got uno