Vizio Slim 37” 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV

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Not a big fan of Vizio.

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My next door neighbors had repairmen out to their house 3 times within the first two years of owning their Vizio. Each time the repairmen replaced the same internal components. I’m sorry I don’t recall the actual component. Buyer beware!

I’ve got a 32" sitting in the man cave that is performing like a charm. Mainly runs 360 for some gaming and Netflix while I’m on the PC. Couldn’t be happier. Gorgeous picture. Might need to pick up another for the bedroom…

On a separate note, does anyone have feedback on “SRS TruVolume, reduces volume change during commercials”? Mine isn’t even hooked up to cable, but Cox Cable is ridiculous with the major volume changes from show to commercial.

Some YouTube videos:



Vizio sent a repairman to their house?

In for three. LITERALLY ordered the 32" model off Amazon 1-2 hours ago. THANK GOD I was able to cancel the order before it was shipped.

My wootsense too, did not tingle…

$500.00 for a refurbished 37" Vizio? Might have been a good deal two years ago.

Unless it was a fuse or possibly a power supply, there really isn’t anything someone could replace in someone’s living room… Heck, even in the store there isn’t much more they could or would replace…

Yes, they purchased an extended warranty (luckily in this case). It was a Vizio van that came out all three times. Once they had to go an entire weekend without their tv while the part came in. But to my knowledge they haven’t had any problems in the past year with it.

As I said, I don’t rightly remember. I’d go and ask but I’m in Flagstaff, AZ this week and won’t be home until Monday. By then, who’d care?

I’m just extra weary of Vizio when considering a purchase.

I have 3 Vizio TVs in my house currently… if I didn’t, already have too many, I would be in for this one.

To all those that are bashing or don’t like Vizios, I have had my 32" for 4 years, my 27" for 2 years, and my 47" LED for a year now and never have had one issue with any of them. They are fantastic TVs with great picture and the best part is that they are so inexpensive!

This is a great tv, I never have problems with Vizio. However I bought this same 37" Vizio from Dell’s website 3 months ago when they were having a sale for $450, and with shipping plus tax it was around $470… so yeah, this deal is pretty expensive, especially for being refurbished.

See my post… Vizio TVs are no more susceptible to repairs than any other TV brand. I used to work at an electronics store and the only difference between most TVs are the brand name. If you want to get the Square Trade warranty for peace of mind, so be it.

are vizios as bad as everyone says?

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That’s what the banner is there for under the description of the product. Just so you know, even if Woot doesn’t link a Square Trade warranty on their page, you can still submit to them your receipt and get a Square Trade warranty. See their website for details.

Cool, thank you for the information. I never figured they were any more susceptible to repairs. I just happened to live next to someone that just happend to have a Vizio that just happened to break down. I’m sure there’s someone that has a neighbor with my tv that has broken down 3 times in 2 years. And now that neighbor may be more cautious about Samsungs. Crazy Random Happenstances!

LOL… I’ve noticed the same things as you and completely understand. It has nothing to do with jealousy (at least for me)… I think a quality post is when someone makes a great point or observation regarding a product, not one that just Google searches and posts random links.

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