Vizio Slim 37” 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV

Does anyone know how well the tuner works at the gym?

I just realized my husband stole my laptop and Wooted last because I just glanced up and I’m logged in as him. Oh, well.

I’ve been wooting since 2005 and the one thing I’ve learned is that when everybody praises a product - get it THEN!

When EVERYBODY bashes a product, be wary (you can be weary, if you want to, also).

But when it seems somewhat divided, take it with a grain of salt. Most Woot products are designed just fine for the average person. Die-hard Wooters are NOT your average consumers. They are (with absolutely no offense intended) snooty techno-snobs and I’m great now, but it took me a long time to read between the lines at what was really bad and what was just the dissatisfaction of electronic gadget lovers demanding perfection.

I, personally, have heard nothing but good things about Vizio for the last two years while shopping for a TV. But, hard-core electronics junkies diss a product if it doesn’t play music, hold a lot of data, have a crystal clear picture and make them eggs benedict in the morning!

And one of my Captcha words is opinion - rather fitting for my post!

RE: Refurbs

We have never personally bought a refurb TV and for some reason I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable, but like another Wooter, we have bought a floor model and it’s been just fine.

However, with that being said, we have bought a great number of refurbs - DVD players, DVD recorders, computers - that kind of stuff and have never had any problem with them. We’ve always bought the extended warranty and never used it.

In reference to my earlier post about die-hard Wooters demanding perfection - they really hate on the refurbs.

I’ve had their 42" (VO420EP) since last August with zero complaints. It’s awesome! Use it a lot with my computer too. And at $648 at the time, it was a hell of a deal.

Granted, I read about a lot of problems with them too and if they weren’t located just 20 miles from me, I might have passed. But they are the #1 seller of TVs in the US. So that just means there is more people to complain about them. Maybe that is why it seems like they have a bad rep? Especially since they basically didn’t exist 4 years ago. Who knows?

As far as this Woot goes though, spend $75 more and get a new one instead of refurbished one. This is a pretty lame deal.

Here are the physical dimensions direct from Vizio if anybody has a size requirement (like an entertainment center) Since the description doesn’t seem to have it. (bad woot!)

With Stand: 35.551"W x 24.803"H x 9.291"D
Without Stand: 35.551"W x 23.031"H x 2.165"D

Thanks, Unc! That’s one reason we shopped so carefully. An entertainment center can be easily found for cheap in the classifieds, but we had a built in space in the wall specifically for a TV. You’re right - I went back and looked. Wonder why they didn’t post specs.

I have this model in a smaller size and it OUTSHINES the 2 Philips plazmas that I also have.

In for three…counter says everybdy got uno

Yup yup, me too, tv rocks the house…well not really, its only the 32" joint, buuuut still. It works great as a computer monitor/360 portal, blue ray visual enhancer and on occasion a shnazzy fish tank (gotta love the bluscenes)

The picture on the televison, is that Inn in Hallowell, Maine???

they can replace the control box all the boards are self enclosed within this box and it very easy to replace if you have another one its just a couple of screws and a few ribbons

Vizio is the most inconsistent brand on the market. On many occasions I have seen two of the same model side by side with wildly different picture quality. I am an ISF certified tv calibrator and I often can’t make 2 Vizios look the same even when calibrated to “true-to-life” picture quality. The reason they are so inconsistent is that Vizio’s are actually made from the leftover/inferior parts from other manufacturers. LCD’s are LG second parts and plasmas are Panasonic second parts which means they are often older technology or didn’t meet the quality control specs for the company that manufactured them. Vizio does occasionally make a great looking tv but it seems like they only do so by accident. Don’t gamble on Vizio, spend a little extra money and get a reliable tv from a consistent brand where you can be sure that the new tv in the box is actually going to have the same picture as the one on display.

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Refurbished 37 inch with only a 90 day warranty for $504 is not a deal I would be willing to take.
sadly alot of These LCD Tv’s have a high rate of failure and your going to really appreciate a good warranty.
Best deal buy from Coscto where you get 90 day no questions asked return and they double the manufactures warranty to two years.

I bought 2 of the Vizio 22" from Woot, and a 26" from Dycern listed here as well. All refurbished. All are flawless and have VERY good picture quality!

The SRS TruVolume works perfectly! In fact the commercial’s volume is turned down so far you have to concentrate on the words being spoken to understand it.

I’ve got a Panasonic 42" Plasma 720P coming from Dell for less than $500…NEW!

The Vizio listed here is not a great deal, but not bad one either.

Ymmv - some people have reported more eyestrain, headache, wooziness, etc. with the new technology (alternate-frame sequencing). You may want to try out the technology before investing extra bux in it.

Many folks think it’s uber-cool, though.

Hey - they’re talking about me! :shy:

It’s fun to try to hunt down useful stuff, and while I certainly appreciate being recognized by Woot for it, 200 quality posts and $504.99 will get you a Vizio TV. That is, the main reason I donate some time is to help out at my favorite website - I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers.

As far as getting credit for re-posting, it doesn’t happen frequently, and it has happened the other way around. I just don’t whine about it.

Happy Wooting!

Actually if you’re good with a soldering iron and a voltmeter you can diagnose and replace just about anything. My POS Samsung 46" LED had a the dreaded “won’t turn on, just clicks” disease, and all it took to fix it was two 30-cent capacitors, some solder, and alot of courage. Parts for any set, along with the plans and specs, can be found on the interwebs.

All true, all true.

A consumer who has been burned is far more likely to post a review than is one who had a positive experience. And some people just like to complain (“Apple products are only for brainwashed sheep!”), In that regard, Woot forums are more reliable than most (I like Amazon reviews too).

Finally that review or a brand-new product at cnet, PCMag, etc., usually doesn’t tell you a thing about reliability.

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Is it $3,000? Then no, it’s not 3D.