Vizio Slim 37” 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV

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If you can stand to spare 5 inches and the 1080p, you can go down to a 32 inch Vizio for $350 - $399.

60HZ version $458 at Sam’s Club.

I’d like to know who writes all the item descriptions and if they drink beer…

ZDNet Reviews

Awesome reviews on this and don’t be afraid of the brand, they have proven to be reliable.

Anyone know whatever happened to the bot that post the price of the item being sold in the chat so you could look later and see how much it was selling for?

The picture on the TV is great though…

Refurbished TV?

i wish i had teh cash for this…

11 Inn Road, Hallowell, ME 04347

Is it just me or do others see this comment EVERY WOOT-OFF???!!!

Just got a Vizio 37" 1080p on woot (45 days ago) for $385. Works great and mounted it on wall in bedroom. Not sure why this would be a good deal at $500 though?

Bigger is better.

That’s what she said!

The time I don’t have $500 to spend, this comes out!

I’ve had a 32" Vizio and have been very pleased with it, got it for around $400 a couple years ago. The picture quality is about what you’d expect from this price point, nothing special but certainly acceptable.

An overall average TV. Mine did have some issues with the TV being kinda slow to respond to the remote, though.

I can stand to lose 5 inches, but most people can’t.

My guess is as long as you don’t weigh too much, you could mount it…but watch out for the corners, they could do some damage to the jumblies…

It’s every woot-off

Except probably the first.