VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 43” UHD 4k TV

These prices are crazy good, haven’t compared these to the M series for which I own 2 of but the Active zones already tell me the prices are a steal.

Very Tempting.

Not really a deal considering they are only 50$ more at best buy new (43")…

Save $50 and get a refurbished unit at woot shipping speeds? Nah.

Does anyone know if these Vizios (listed as Home Theatre Displays) actually have tuners in them? A salesman at Best Buoy told me that they have neither QAM nor ATSC tuners, basically making them big monitors. True? [Edit: Oops, sorry! I see in the title they are “tuner-free”. Guess that answers my query.]

I have one of these displays in my house, some things to note before you buy these:

Even for somewhat tech savy people that don’t read instructions when setting new things up, you probably will have to read on screen prompts with this one. It’s not like any other Display / TV I’ve ever used.

You must have a smart phone to set these up. The app you use to set up the TV is also used to control all the advanced settings including brightness, game modes, etc.

There is no on screen menus like most smart TV’s for this or for streaming services, but… There is a cast device embedded into the TV, so if you know how to use Chromecast or similar apps, you are good.

Once you have it set up, you should start to see it listed in any App that supports casting. So Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. One exception is Amazon’s stuff. Amazon’s casting doesn’t seem to work with google cast (which this is based off) so if Prime is your main casting program, you’ll need a fire stick to cast that.

No Tuner, but if you have a cable box, you’re probably fine, just plug in the HDMI and you should be good. If you normally plug your coax straight in from the wall, this won’t work for you.

I cut the cable cord some 7 years ago, and have been doing just streaming services since, so I’m used to this and it works great for me, but for a lot of people that are still plugged in, you may not like it.

Any thoughts about using the 43" as a monitor? I feel like that might be a good size for 4k at a few feet away.

Sam’s club, and walmart is selling the 43" new for the same price! Not a deal.