VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 55” UHD 4k TV

or new from SamsClub for $458.

That’s a 1080p. This one on Woot is 2160p.

I recently purchased this very TV or at least an equivalent model and would not recommend it if you’re doing anything other than watching TV. The picture was good, and it was cool that my soundbar (also made by Vizio, you know which one) played nice with the TV. The remote has limited functionality, just basic things like Input, power, volume, channel, etc. If you want to dive into settings you must download an app and control it from your phone/tablet. Some people will be annoyed by that, some will think it’s cool. I myself was in the latter camp. However, if you do any sort of gaming don’t bother. I ended up taking it back right before my return period ended.

I REALLY wanted to like it. There was minor input lag when playing PS4 titles. The major issue though was when I tried to use it as a PC monitor. The input lag was even more noticeable, even with all of the processing that I could turn off turned off. In addition, the TV would flicker and reconnect to the input. These both seem to be common issues with the Vizio D and E lines. From what I read the M line isn’t as bad. I ended up getting a cheaper Westinghouse TV. It isn’t “smart” and just displays what I need it to without flickering with very little input lag. Your experience might be different, but just sharing my last two weeks experience.

This would not be the Vizio for me, either. Take a look at the review at Vizio E Series 4k 2016 Review (E43u-D2, E48u-D0, E50u-D2, E55u-D2, E55u-D0, E60u-D3, E65u-D3, E70u-D3) -

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