VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 70” UHD 4k TV

$1599 direct from Vizio, free shipping, full warranty. On my first time opening the page, I was also offered 5% off, dropping it to $1519.

I recently purchased this TV brand new from another site for a little more than this refurbished unit. Pros: Good Price, decent picture. This is the E-series, which has Vizio’s least powerful processor.
Cons: The included remote is bare-bones-- really just volume and power-- so you will need to download the free app to even access the menu system for connecting to WiFi and to simply adjust the picture.
Big screen for a decent price

I see an Ethernet connection but no mention of WiFi. I assume that it does not have WiFi

Same TV from Costco right now for $100 cheaper -"-Class-(69.5"-Diag.)-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Home-Theater-Display-E70u-D3.product.100288866.html