VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 70” UHD 4k TV

So this is ACTUALLY a monitor rather than a TV?

What brings you to that conclusion?

It doesn’t have a built in tuner so in that sense it is a monitor…but I haven’t seen many monitors that have built in wifi, netflix and apps built in to stream content from your phone.

I bought the 65" Vizio E series TV about a month ago. It came with a very minimal function remote. You have to download the smartcast app to your phone to get the full feature adjustments to picture and sound. What I love about the E series is the ability to cast 4K content to my TV including streaming YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime movies and VidAngel $2 HD movies right from my phone. I have really enjoyed my Vizio.

Yep! Vizio is cutting out the tuners on most of their stuff stuff now and pitching it as a benefit

We’ve been tremendously disappointed with smartcast, since previous Vizio’s had remotes that let our toddlers access netflix and amazon without our intervention.