VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 70” UHD 4k TV

Groupon has this exact same refurbished tv for 100 dollars less.

Sams Club has it new for $978, I just bought one there last weekend.

E70-D3 !== E70U-D3.

The E70U-D3 is on Sam’s Club for $1248 new, looks like the E70U-D3 is an “Updated” model.

That said, the only main differences it looks between this model and the M70-C3 also on deal here is, the M70-C3 has a TV Tuner, Wireless built-in and a bit higher “Effective refresh rate” of 240Hz (which means it’s really just 120 w/ backlight trickery).

The first two (the lack of a tuner and wireless) are probably the main downsides to this particular model, as it means to use any of the real smartTV stuff you’ll need to run an ethernet line to it or buy a Wifi<->Ethernet adapter just for the TV.

It does appear to be a slightly different model. I bought the E70-E3 for $978.00 on Christmas Eve at my local Sam’s Club. It’s now listed at $1248 on their website.

It has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi as well as an ethernet jack, but like the Woot model - no tuner.