Vizio SmartCast P-Series 65” XLED TV

Bought this the last time around for the same price. Outstanding television. Great price for a 240 refresh rate and octo-core processor.

yes, this really is a fantastic television. i bought one off here last fall and it is fantastic.

Can you get an extended warranty for these? I don’t see an option through woot.

I’d buy one, but squaretrade requires flash for buying their warranty. What is this 2004? Sorry but you lost a sale because of their antiquated website.

Yeah, we begged SquareTrade not to use Flash but no luck. We’re at their mercy.

Newegg has this available refurbished for $806.44 w/ free shipping (and no tax). Any chance you can improve/match their price on this?

They also throw in 2 hdmi cables for the lolz and offer square trade easily enough.

Does Newegg offer any sort of warranty, 90 days even?

So, i just had this delivered, and the box was in such bad shape (literally a whole corner was gone and a huge hole in the center on one side) that I could see into the tv and see a huge dent in the frame. I refused delivery, and immediately called Customer Support. They said it would take 5 days to get the return in their system. I see that this is listed again in another sale, so will I be able to get a replacement that way? Also, I purchased a SquareTrade warranty. If I can’t get a replacement, how do I get a refund on the TV and the warranty?

Hi there. Sorry for the poor shipping. These would be good questions for customer service.

Once we get the TV, we’ll definitely refund you. You should be able to contact squaretrade and ask for a refund.

Oh, i thought you were Customer Support TT.

Nope, I’m not. That’s a different group and they have magical tools. I have some of the tools to offer quick help when I can.

I’m the forum moderator, BOC queen, and buyer for the Weekend App Crap. I think that’s enough jobs for now. :slight_smile: