VIZIO SS2520-C6 2.0 Sound Stand

VIZIO SS2520-C6 2.0 Sound Stand

VIZIO SS2520-C6 Sound Stand:
I’ve had mine for a couple years now. It still works great. Good solid sound, but not as much sub-woofer power as you might wish for. For casual TV watching or Streaming, it’s fine. But if you truly want the surround sound experience, get a real Surround Sound soundbar with satellite speakers that go on either side of your seating area.

So did anyone else see the picture and think this was a coffin for a very skinny person?

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Had one of these. It died in ~2 years. Would rattle a lot at higher volume levels. Kind of had to move the TV around on top of it to minimize vibration. For $70 that’s pretty okay though.

Love mine.