Vizio TV Event

Looks like Woot has lowered the price by $19 & $29 of the 55" LED/LCD respectively.

Much to the annoyance of my pocketbook, considering I bought the 55" LED then.

C’est la vie, no?

I love my Vizios! They are all I buy and I’ve NEVER had any issues. My hubby hooks them up to his computer and uses them as a giant monitor when he plays computer games. I’m seriously considering purchasing a wifi one to put in the bedroom!

You answered my as yet typed query!! Thanks you so much o ye psychicFruitopian one…

re: cans this be my computer monit- OH, LOOK!!

OH HEY, what does anyone think is too big if yr sitting at it, regular desk? Now @27" is not too big… hrmm; franks if ya do…

OH! Now am torn cuz -gotta be LED, 1080 not 720, curses… mine ‘ideal’ long sold out. I’m never ‘right there’ when these pop out of the WOOT, fresh.

I snagged a 24" during the last event, very pleased with it - I put it in my bedroom. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), lightning took out our living room tv just after I bought it, so now I have a good excuse to buy another! (happy dance)

Mine came DOA. Im so bummed because I wanted this TV. Hope they sell it again.

Sorry to heat that you received your television DOA. Have you emailed Vizio Support or contacted Woot Member Services?

Vizio said they can do nothing about it, Woot is offering to take it back(Praise this company for doing good) but the shipping company wont pick it up and it wont fit in my car. Having a night mare time getting it returned sadly.