Vizio TVs (47" and under)

Holy crap! If I had $500 to spare (thanks tax and shipping), I’d be all over this deal. These are some of the older (2010), heavier (50 lbs), power-guzzling (200+ W) Vizio models… but they come with with Picture-in-Picture and S-Video input! (Although so old they might not have a gaming-mode…)

I dunno about this. Reviews on Amazon don’t look great and Square topping out on a 1-year extended warranty doesn’t imbue me with confidence.

I have a version of this TV (mine has internet stuff). It’s 2 years old and has given no problems.

Every so often, I need to reset it… but I think that’s because we have crappy power and my UPS is dying…

I have three other Vizio’s, an older 720p 37" (it’s over 5 years old), and a 32" 720p and a 22" 1080p Razor LED. All were bought at Sam’s Club, the 32" and 22" were bought as open box (not returns, but store demo) and all three have been absolutely reliable.

These prices don’t seem that great. I just picked up a 47 inch Vizio from Costco for about $650. It’s a newer,smart TV with built-in wireless, and has a 2 year warranty.

I have the 22" 1080P LED HDTV (bought mine at Walmart for $149 new) and it works great. The big reason I like it is because it has two HDMI ports while most TVs this size only have one. The big downside is the stand is non-adjustable, so I got a wall mount (check out Meritline for a cheap wall mount).

Vizio has really stepped up in hardware quality in the past few years, so if you need an inexpensive HDTV this is a great one to get.

I bought this TV about a month ago. Now, the vizio light is on, but the TV picture won’t turn on. Can anyone help? Anyone else having problems with their TV? Will be contacting woot tomorrow. I will send periodic updates on how this goes.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your television. If you are still encountering problems, I recommend that you contact Vizio Support as there is still a warranty for your purchase.

If they’re unable to help you out,
please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I did just contact Vizio. Vizio has told me that because it is a factory refurbish… the warrenty is only good for 90days. I emailed woot asking if they would refund my purchase and I am awaiting their reply.

This is a wasted purchase. Mine lasted for exactly 3 months…and now does not power up. It is neither covered by warranty by vizio nor by woot. $300 down the drain…dont ever buy anything vizio…it is a piece of crap.