Vizio TVs from Small to X-Large

Get your TV on! Whether you have a corner nook or a home theater, we’ve got the Vizio for you.

Vizio TVs from Small to X-Large

Vizio TV’s from Small to X-Large
Price: $129.99 - 1999.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Jun 24 to Wednesday, Jun 29) + transit
Condition: New


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Always the same price on that M60-C3, I wish Woot would come closer to some of the deals we’ve seen in the past. I mean, it’s last year’s model, it’s refurbished, and there’s no hope for recourse if anything’s wrong with it unless you spring for the extra square trade warranty. It’s just not a compelling price point, and it’s a shame because it’s an awesome tv, but it’s still somehow a worse option than getting it from a brick and mortar store.

On the one hand, Vizio has announced a new model lineup, and the new models have HDR and tablet remotes.

On the other hand, if you use a tuner for OTA or cable, this will be the last model year to have tuners. And the new models have a higher retail price, probably in part to cover the Android tablet remote.

Will these work for my media center PC @ 1080? My current TV really only works for lower resolutions.


If your PC can only handle 1080p, you will get less benefit than if it handled 4k, and only a little more than a 1080p TV.

But if you only use the computer as a media center, you might want to enable the TV’s upscaling features, to give some smoother lines etc, without the concern for fuzzy text that would be a concern for a regular PC.

But as a bonus, this will be ready when you decide to upgrade your media center to 4k.

I have a Vizio that I purchased last fall and it does not work as well as other TV’s that I own when using it with a Media Server. I normally encode all of my videos with H.264 MP4 and the Vizio will not play them (unsupported video and audio format). Other TVs like Hisense and LG do just fine.
So, in my opinion, if you want to use one of these with a home media server, think twice.

How wide is the base for the 50" 4k TV? How far is the gap between the legs. I am attempting to figure out if the TV will fit on my current stand.

Why Woot, why? Why do you put an apostrophe in “TVs”??? The TV’s WHAT??? Oh the humanity!!

What apostrophe? :tongue:

I recently bought the 43" 4K TV from Walmart (for cheaper, sorry Woot!). The picture quality is amazing. I have absolutely no complaints about it whatsoever. I’m even happy with the sound quality. The only issue seems to be, based on the reviews at Walmart, is that some refurbished units are pretty banged up. Luckily, mine arrived looking like new.

Is Woot an authorized re-seller for Visio?

These are refurbished with a 90-day Woot warranty. They do not have a VIZIO warranty.

I’m really tempted by this as we just moved and was looking for a new TV. Are these available for a warranty? I’ve never purchased one of those and though I see their name posted on here all the time I’m not clear how to get one for a Woot! purchase.

I didn’t see it specifically mentioned in the write-up though another Wooter mentioned it above.

The apostrophe is silent, unlike the “r” in Washington.

It doesn’t appear that these have the Square Trade warranty; I asked about that yesterday, trying to anticipate your needs. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these a little over a year ago. It was absolutely amazing. The picture was incredible. The catch: it lasted 20 hours and then died. I then returned the defective product for another, and it arrived broken. Returned for refund. Then I ordered another off of groupon, and it also arrived broken. Took about 8 weeks to get a refund. The product is really good, but this seems to be an issue for these tvs…maybe they are brittle. Woot was easy to deal with returns…groupon was terrible.

Was anyone else’s shipped with ABF. They have awful reviews online I’m really worried my TV is going to be left in front of my building or just show up with a shattered screen.

Glad to say my tv made it in one piece ABF did a good job. Been using TV for about an hour now and no issues! :slight_smile: