Love 'em, hate 'em, everyone’s got a thought about VIZIO. I’ve had a Vizio for a few years now and like it, actually. What are your thoughts?

I’ve been using a 22" 1080p Visio monitor on the PC for about a year now and love it! Picture looks great in HD and in regular def. I would not hesitate to buy a Visio again if I were in the market for a TV right now.

FWIW, I’ve had a 42" Vizio Refurb for almost a year now (got it for $350, just like the current sale) and it’s been great. Picture looks fine, no problems so far.

Not conclusive evidence at all, but add one satisfied customer to the list.

Not sure about the newer products, but I picked up a Vizio 42" Plasma for about $1k about 5-6 years ago and it is still going very strong. I keep on wanting to upgrade, but because it performs so well, I still can’t justify buying a new one even if it only does 720p/1080i. The blacks are phenomenal compared to the LCDs at the time, which I thought were pretty much unwatchable or unplayable in the dark scenes. The 47" Refurb 3D is tempting, but I think I want to go a little larger if I upgrade, maybe a 55". Any larger for me and I think trying to game would make seeing the instruments on the side harder in fps.

parents and grandparents both have vizio for their TV’s and they both look great. great quality at a great price.

Anyone know if the E422VLE supports HDCP?

Vizio’s probably the best tv brand in my opinion. They give you the most bang for your buck. Sure, Sony and LG are good but you get the same quality for a much lower price with Vizio.

Just wish Woot had more >40" Vizio LED tvs

Tempted, but know nothing about how good Vizio’s refurbs are.

I bought a 42" from Costco about 5 years ago and a 32" refurb from Woot about 2 years ago. Both are CCFLs and going strong w/o any probs (knock on wood). My parents have a 32" and a 55" (I think?) also both CCFLs and they’ve both been trouble free for the past 3 years. I can’t comment on the LEDs since I haven’t had any experience with the ones that Vizio makes.

In any case, I’m betting on this good track record and just picked up a 47" here today to replace the last CRT in the house (yeah, that’s right, I said CRT).

My 2 cents. Do some research online. The Vizio “Smart” televisions with Internet apps have a major issue with shutting off at will and random. I got a 46" recently from Woot. Bad out of the box. Had to return for refund. Then got a 47" refurb from another vendor. What a nightmare. Shuts off 3-23 times a day. Wish someone had warned me. Like I said, my 2 cents.

Ditto-we have the same problem with our “smart” Vizio TV 55 inch

I’ve always checked reviews before buying electronics. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad product, but know what you’re buying first. The reviews may concern some.

the refurb company is very reluctant to honor these machines imo, I had a problem out of the box, got RMA shipped back, called two weeks later “we are working on it”, checked a week later, “sorry it was damaged when we recieved it” “so sad not eligible for replacement or repair” luckily woot honored and sent me full refund, I am very skeptical of the refurb company, but love woot

When’re we gonna see some 50"+ TVs?

When are you gonna get a 26" Vizio?

we got a 32" LCD Visio in 06 from Costco. We watched DISH and analog broadcast for the first couple years. When analog was shut off in 08/09 we realized the HD tuner didnt work (it has never worked) and by then we were out of warranty. The TV still ‘operates’ but has been used as a monitor (DVD and HTPC) for the last few years. Theres also a weird color smudge in the middle of the screen from who knows what.

My point is that our Visio sucked and we never really had the opportunity to warranty it. So I would not buy another.

Unless, that is, someone convinced me that they are now ok.

60hz = any hd looking horrible


I have owned and bought for others several TVs made by Vizio. All have been great. I also have 2 (expensive) Samsungs and they both have a couple of dead pixels. I took the plunge after looking up the model number (I bought the 47" w/o apps) and “show-rooming” it at the local Walmart. It has great reviews all around. Bottom line, Vizio makes great TVs, just like the more expensive ones, but ALL electronics are prone to the occasional failure. It happens. But if I swore off any manufacturer who sold me a bum product, I wouldn’t be able to buy any more electronics. :wink:

Assuming you are now using an antenna, did you ever change the TV settings from Cable tuner to Antenna and re-run the channel scan? That would cause exactly what you are describing.