Vizio TVs

Anybody know about the quality of the 22in 1080p in use as a monitor?

Specs-wise it should work pretty well. I don’t know how you will mount it, but be aware that it will sit pretty low on the desk and there is no “stand” to speak of. That speakerbar thing is the full width of the TV, so you won’t be able to slide anything under the screen. (like if your keyboard would need to be scooted back when not in use for space saving purposes) Basically, you can’t adjust it like a typical monitor, so keep that in mind if it’s a concern.

I believe that’s the same Vizio model I picked up from Woot to use as a mixed TV/monitor.

It came with a 3 month warranty, and something failed after about 2.5 months, so I spent $30 or so sending it in to be fixed and it has been fine since then (which has been another 6 or 7 months). (mine was through the purrfect refurbs thing though, this sale is Vizio factory refurbs. That’s probably better)

It works fine as a monitor. I have it hooked up with a DVI-to-HDMI cable instead of the RGP cable on my primary computer. My resolution is set at 1920x1080. I also have a 2nd computer hooked up with the RGP for the odd occasions when I want to use that one.

Prior to when I got a bigger TV and started using this primarily as a monitor, I was using it as a television and for minor console gaming with the computers also occasionally hooked up when I wanted an extra screen.

As the other person mentioned, it does sit very low if you’re going to have it on a desk. I actually just grabbed a thick reference book and stuck it underneath to make the height more comfortable. If you use a monitor riser or you mount yours on the wall, obviously that’s really not a problem.

I have a Vizio Razor 22" TV in my office. I don’t mind using it as a SECOND PC display, but it is not good enough to replace my DELL 2405FPW monitor. That monitor is from 2005, the TV from 2011.

It does not have the color range, nor the brightness, nor the clarity and it ghosts. Plus that little bit of difference between x1200 and x1080 makes a huge difference in what you can fit on the screen.

Even when I play my 360 in my office, I connect it via VGA to my 2405 instead of my Vizio Razor.

It was bought as a TV and it’ll stay as a TV.