VIZIO V51-H6 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

VIZIO V51-H6 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

Picked one of these up an earlier time they went through Woot. Just a phenomenal system for the price! Haven’t had any issues with it.


So I have owned this system for approx. 9 months. I started with an earlier refurbished iteration of this, bought off Woot last year. I could never get that one to work properly, so returned it – and then saw that Costco had this newer model (I think they still sell it there), so bought it. Overall, for the price, very happy. Love getting that fuller sound with the rear subwoofer and speakers. Overall sound is pretty good for a budget system-actually excellent for the price. Connecting was easy, I went with the ARC/HDMI.

I also use it to play music, it easily connects via Bluetooth to my phone - sound is not as full as my old stereo, but I typically play music through a portable Bluetooth speaker, and this is MUCH better.

On the negative, I do notice that the subwoofer disconnects, so I turn the system off and on…and the problem disappears.

Overall, I highly recommend – given its a refurb, remember to run it through the paces during that first month to make sure its working properly


I bought one of these new through Costco, when they had it on sale for $150. Great sound, but through ARC with my TCL TV, there are occasionally some blips in the sound. There are some settings in the TV that you can turn off to fix the issue, but then the volume range is extremely limited. Literally, you can’t turn the volume level past 8 without blowing your eardrums. With the settings on, you can safely turn it to 20 or higher, but there is occasionally some jitter or a second or two cutout, especially when changing channels in YouTube TV. We prefer the flexibility in the volume, rather than having it either silent or LOUD, so we deal with the little glitches. It’s still a great system for the price, and I upgraded from an older Vizio 2.1 system that had decent sound, but no surround.

Edit: I noticed that this model’s remote no longer has the LCD screen at the top, which I really like on mine. I’m not sure why they got rid of that, unless it was problematic or just too expensive for this “budget” model. In any case, it looks like they have changed the remote, for better or for worse.

I got this and the audio from the bar was a little harsh and tinny. I figured my expectations were too high for a $150 soundbar, but I couldn’t deal with a constant low-volume rumble from the subwoofer and put in a warranty ticket with Vizio. Today I got my replacement. Not only is the rumble gone, but the bar sounds awesome now. My first one must have been a dud, but Vizio backed the warranty.