I own the 32" TV and the 32" soundbar. I did a lot of research and shopping around first, and found no comparison between Vizio and other brands, especially for the price.

Love the picture quality! Even without a subwoofer, the soundbar does an impressive job.

I own the 42" soundbar with wireless sub and satellite speakers. It is my first soundbar and I absolutely love it. My main tv has a 7.2 Onkyo system and this Vizio soundbar hangs pretty well. The sub is wireless and the satellite speakers connect to the sub. The sound quality is amazing and despite my concerns I have had zero issues with the wireless speakers. The bluetooth feature is pretty cool when you want to stream music from your phone to the speakers. I paid almost $100 more than this woot price and it was definitely worth every penny imo.

Will the 47" ( allow my Chromecast to turn it on and change the inputs?

That’s probably a better question for VIZIO support. Sorry. :frowning:

I purchased the 32" Soundbar during the last sale in March. It worked okay for a week or two and then the volume began increasing all by itself (as if the volume up on the remote was being pushed). I’ve been unable to use it since then and I’m a week out of the 21 day return period. I’d avoid this one.

Have you tried contacting Vizio Support for troubleshooting/return inquiries?
I’m sure they’ll listen and try and help you find a resolve.

If all else you can email into and let them know what you’re experiencing.

Does a remote come with the 37 inch tv? I’ve checked all the info, it never mentions one.

Yep, you get a remote.

In the box:

VIZIO E370-A0 37" 720p LED HDTV
Stand with Hardware Screws
Remote Control
Power Cord

Thanks. I couldn’t find the in the box description. Did I miss the link?

It’s at the VERY bottom of the Specs tab. You’ll find it there in every sale. Some are more complete than others. Depends on the info we can get from the vendor.


Had one of the i7 ultrabooks.

Amazing computer, really cheap keyboard.

I really loved mine (bought it from until the keys started to come off after about 2 months. Returned it.

So to start, Ive always been a big fan of and have had no trouble in the past.

UNTIL, I recently purchased the vizio 42". The order came in a timely manner, which happened to be a Friday, so as I went home ready to turn on my new purchase, I first noticed a small crack on the bottom corner.

When I turned it on, I was very disappointed. The screen had cracked on both the top left and bottom left corners of the screen and displayed nothing but a broken chaotic lcd mess.

It is now Saturday, and based on woot’s policy, no one is going to even review my case submission until Monday.

Very disappointed in the shipment/handling of the product and really wished woot had a weekend customer service team.

usp4me: I’m sorry for the problems. CS typical response time is 1-2 business days.

The cable would work with my Samsung phone, right?

For any of you who are interested: I had the problem with receiving a broken screen tv, and just got a response back from woot.

While they have started the RMA process, woot claims they are unable to offer a replacement. Woot also made sure to include a clause in the email stating they reserve the right to take off 15% from my purchase refund.

To say the least, I am so very disappointed in this whole ordeal. The lack of customer service and the inability to replace my purchase has been enough for me to think twice before ordering anything of value from woot.

I’m very sorry to hear that you received a broken TV and that we were unable to replace your purchase.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post/information along to Woot Member Services to investigate the issue.

Thank you for your patience during this matter and please let us know if your incur any further inconveniences.