VIZIOs for the Holidays



Do you have a VIZIO? Another brand that’s better? Tell us about it.


Great deal on these TVs. Except I ordered one of these a month ago from Woot, 2 weeks went by before I got it, then it was the wrong one. I was then to,d that they were sold out of the one I ordered, and yet somehow they have them in stock again. My patience is running low with a certain few online deal sites.


How is the quality with the actual TV that you received? I’ve never bought a refurb TV but never had a bad experience with Woot and I’ve ordered my fair share of items!


I bought two Vizio refurbs last time. One 42" w/apps, GREAT picture (to me with the vivid color profile), another 32" w/apps that serves as both TV and monitor for an office PC. I saw no dead pixels to date in either. One remote was brand new, the other was slightly used. So far, so good. My thoughts on TVs is that they’re reliable like refrigerators, so issues are usually present as soon as you get them or shortly thereafter.

I’ve also bought refurb Ooma, etc. without any issues to date. NEVER buy a refurbed hard drive btw. Hope this helps.


I bought a 32" Vizio about a year ago and have been pleased with my picture quality. I watch only over-the-air broadcasts and this does fine w/ a converter box and antenna. The picture quality is really stunning, no complaints, but I’m most impressed with the audio quality. This thing puts out very nice sound without any alterations or additions.

Drawback: The remote that came with my Vizio is the most awful, flimsy, horrible device I’ve ever encountered. It’s like they looked up the bare minimum line and then had a limbo contest under it, the winner was this remote: it’s complete junk.


Just got my Vizio in from the last time they were up here, the E321VT, picture is great, sound isn’t as bad as what reviews online say, but the buttons on the TV sink into the TV frame when I try to press them. Button circuit board/header must not have been attached to the frame of the TV very well.

Question: Would you return the TV if the buttons on the TV couldn’t be used, or would you not care?


Well I’d see if you could get a replacement from Vizio, or hope you never lose your remote. :slight_smile:


Who uses the buttons on the TV anymore?


I have 2 now and we have bought several for work and they are excellent. No issues with sound or the picture.


I would like to buy the cleaning kit but it gives an error on checkout.


People who have Vizios and the remotes arrive broken.


sorry you had a bad experience.
it might help to note that our inventory (and our vendors’ inventories) are constantly changing.
we’re not maliciously trying to make your universe more difficult, i promise. we’re too lazy for that.


hmm. can you describe the error that you’re seeing?


Why do you need a converter box? Why not just hook the antenna to the TV?


I bought a Vizio 32" 1080P, 3D,smart TV(new of course) from Target 10 days ago for $299 so I’m not impressed with Woot’s 32" 720,refurb for $220!


True dat. I have the same TV and use it with an antenna- no converter box needed.

I have the non-3D 47" listed here as well and I like it a lot. I use a Logitech Harmony remote- the original remote sucks. Never knew they had buttons on the TV itself though- that’s just crazy, like anyone would ever get up to change channels or something.


I actually never turned on the TV that they sent. The back of the TV was scratched a little, and the remote was really scratched up, but the screen looked good and clean. Again, I didn’t turn on the TV, so I can’t speak to the picture quality. This was my first bad experience with woot. I bought a 3D bluray player from them about a month ago, and it arrived 3 days after I ordered it. It to was a refurb, and had a little scratch or two on the top, and the remote was scratched a little, but it works perfectly. One of the things that I’ve been wanting to check is why they all if a sudden started charging sales tax on items I buy. Maybe that’s a question for another thread…


Have two Vizio tvs. 47 and 23 inch. Both purchased on the discount rack at sams club. 47 inch was a floor model for about a year (it was the first “truLED” they made, with built in wifi. still running very well for me two years later. the remote died within the first year. they quickly sent a replacement.

23 inch had a problem with the backlighting within a few weeks of purchase. vizio shipped me a new replacement.

The tv’s are great and their customer service has been even better in my opinion. Always get to speak with someone in the US who speaks English.


My Vizio TV from the sale a couple weeks ago arrived damaged, and I was also told that this TV was unavailable to replace after multiple requests for help to check for additional TVs. Yet here it is literally a week later. Hm.