VNorte Reserve Chilean Cab Sauvignon (5)

VNorte Reserve Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
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2011 VNorte Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Curico Valley
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Michael Schachner
This opens with prickly herbal-plum and red-fruit aromas. The palate feels blocky, with thick tannins, and the flavor profile offers black fruit in front of a resiny, dry finish that comes with overt oak influence.
— (3/1/2013) — 84

2011 V Norte Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Deep ruby color in the glass. Cherry/cassis on the nose with secondary notes of red berries, powdered mocha and light oak. Bing cherry palate with tart plum, dusty leather, oak and somewhat off-putting bitter green vegetable note. Stem tannin?

Speaking of tannins, they were firm and grainy but not as grainy as the tannins in the V Norte Merlot from last week.

Day 2 notes
Sniffy-sniff reveals similar nose as Day 1 but a little creamier. Maybe a little less fruit and a little more oak. Better integrated than Day 1, picking up darker fruits and some anise. More oak influence, less bitter vegetable, thankfully.

Like it’s Merlot brethren before it, this V Norte Chilean Cabernet would probably be best served by cellaring for 1-2 years.

This one is a little more approachable in its youth than the Merlot but if drinking in the near term, suggest decanting 1 hour or at least run it through an aerator.

I would consider this wine a step up from the Copa del Rey Chilean Cab that’s often sold on wine.woot. Assuming the bitter note dissipates over time which it should, based upon it becoming less noticeable overnight.

I’m beginning to think the Monkey has a key to my house, how else can I explain finding a bottle of V Norte Estate Bottled Cab on my computer desk last week? Kind of freaky, but hey I’m not complaining.
So I did my normal 1st pour of about ½ glass, excellent color, deep purple (not the band) color, held it up to the light and can’t see through A good sign for me, nice aroma, berries & Oak (no Vanilla that good) did little swirl and had decent legs. 1st sip was a little sour/bitter, decided to let it sit for a while. Went back after an hour and seemed to mellow, this is a dry wine, which I like. Found this to be a very nice Cab. Paired with a Filet, & sugar snap peas and went drank well.
All and all I like this wine, wasn’t much on the net on this wine, one place rated it an 85, for me closer to 89 points. What would I compare this wine too? A little better than Slingshot but not quite Sempre Vive.
Well got to go scored tickets to Game 2 of Lord Stanley’s Cup, (nephew works for the Kings, nice huh?) Heading to the Staples Center, and going to hit up the Pantry for lunch then “the Yard House for a brew or two.
GO KINGS GO (sorry N.Y. wooters) :slight_smile: