Voice Alert Cooking Thermometer with Bonus Stainless Steel Probe

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Voice Alert Cooking Thermometer with Bonus Stainless Steel Probe [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Maverick ET-84HH Voice Alert Digital Thermometer with Silicone Oven and Stainless Steel BBQ Probe

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how long is the probe wire?

Help me here. The idea is that I can stick this thing into whatever meat I’m cooking, put the meat in the oven with the probe still in it and the wire coming out of it, and this will monitor the internal temp?

thats what i was thinking, but the wire looks way too short imo

52", as per the description.

You’ve got it right.

Description says the wire is 52".

4-star reviews at Amazon.

edit: 2 of the 3 reviewers reported problems with using this on a grill. But note that the one on Amazon doesn’t have the bonus BBQ probe.

Anybody know maximum temp? Can’t seem to find it anywhere, and if it doesn’t even say it in the manual, that sets off alarm bells.

If this is one of the legions of “Only to 250” thermometers that are out there, I say save your money and get something that can go to 450. When trying to get a read on oils, sugar and other high-heat cooking tasks, this thing looks like it’ll fail.

bottom of description says: 450

description also says that it comes w/ a high heat bbq grill probe that goes up to 600 degrees. seems like a better deal than the one on amazon. i think i’m in for one.

In for one, we’ll test this guy in a real TX BBQ…so long as it doesn’t melt on the brisket…

XIV: yeah he’s purring crazy loud

Since when did XVI’s grandpa join in?

For those of you not understanding how this works, it is just a thermocouple.

Based on the voltage transfer between two different metal pieces, it can tell you the temperature.

I don’t really need this for cooking, but it seems handy to have around for various temperature measuring purposes.

Manual says:
“When the temperature of the probe is over 212°F the unit will display “HI”.”

So while the probe/wire may withstand higher temperatures, it doesn’t seem like you can get a reading of anything above 212.

well I got one I have an old one I use for candy but the probe is failing I don’t know why any one would use the silicone one at all

This looks like the probe the Aliens used on me…

are you done yet?

i thnk it looks like a i-pod for meat.

an i-mostat…

an i-bq…

an i-hot…

a meat pod…

alright. that’s enough. stick a fork in me.