Voice Alert Cooking Thermometer with Bonus Stainless Steel Probe

I purchased this the last time it was offered. It was DOA. The probes worked, the unit simply wouldn’t register a temperature.

It is a cheap piece of work. (It looks really nice though.)

does this have a back light because its usually pretty dark when i grill to avoid the heat(from the sun not the grill)

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meat cooking temp is not something to take cheaply, i bought a meat thermometer once and it would say medium well when it wasn’t even in the burger which is not safe so be careful when buying something like this

How fast does this produce a readout? Can I use it to “poke” the different pieces of meat on the grill to get an idea how it’s cooking, or I’d have to stick it in and wait considerable time until the reliable temperature readout appears?

Can you set this to scream if the temperature gets too high?

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I bought this last time it was up… pass on it.


Why do we get two probes?

Ok, I understand that outside we need a steel protected one. But do we HAVE to use the silicone probe inside? Will using a stainless steel probe inside short-circuit the oven and send the roasting duck flying out the window?

Is there any application where the silicone insulated probe will be a must? Is it more accurate? How much more?

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Maverick? Seriously?

The thermometer that wanted to be an ipod.

I’ve gone through various probe thermometers. They are an amazing tool for use in the kitchen. Some uncommon uses. If you need to boil water set it for 210 and walk away. Or heating up fry oil, set it for 350 and walk away. Baking is nice. One thing that will kill the probe is to bake at a too high temperature. Bake a roast with it in at a low temperature but take it out when you raise the temp for a crust. Try not to get the point where the wire meets the probe wet. Eventually the probe will wear out though.

I like electronic gadgets as much as anybody,but these seem frivolous. Maybe if you’re cooking a Pig in a Pit in the backyard, but I always watch what I’m cooking to make sure it’s OK and I don’t burn down the house. Just sayin’…

All about thermometers with probes:

foodthermometer.org - with a name like that, what don’t they know?

Buying Guide at Amazing Ribs (info on selecting one, including a review of a similar Maverick model)

How to Use an Oven Probe Thermometer at eHow, if you’re planning on indoor use

Bought this last time it was offered. Only used it a couple times but it has produced good results.

We have one of these


Its been fantastic. I dont know about the quality but, great for cooking pork though

I’ve wooted before and am trying to do so again here, but when I click “I want one” it kicks me back to the deals.woot.com site

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The operation isn’t really fast, but it is fairly fast. It takes about 5 seconds to be confident in the number. I do not, however, recommend making too many holes in your meat. Personally I will put the probe in about halfway into what I think is cooking time and leave it there until done.

My model purchased from a B&M years ago had no steel cable, but the silicone cable has held up fine when used on my NG grill which hits some pretty high temperatures.

This has been a reliable product, read the manual and it will serve you well for your carnivorous desires.