Voice Buddy 3.0 Interactive Game Control

If you spraypaint it yes.

that’s actually a pretty sweet list of preloaded game setups

not for me, but interesting nonetheless

Bar’s Not Budgin’

Just what we need. Another gadget for these gamers to not get out and exercise or talk with real people.

ALL Gamers need one of these and they are so INEXPENSIVE!!!

BUY 3!!!

they’re only gonna have like 20 of these right??? BUY 3!!

Well, at least you know it probably won’t be in your BOC.

I guess this goes well with the Everglide… well, off to buy a six pack of Mickey’s. Hopefully there are eleventybillion of these.

the extra "k"s really got your point across

i think everyone should buy one… next woot please!

Software?!?! What the dunk?

Too bad it does not work with woot. Voice Buddy buy crap fast.

wow, only $6 and yet moving out this slowly?

Why does stuff like this even exist? In for three!


yeah - I’ll take 3

Check out my first wootoff Checker!

Its for if your son has a video game and he can do voice commands like in the game.

Ummmm, yeah.