Voice Buddy 3.0 Interactive Game Control

Plus like… 5$ shipping too :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this compatible for use with my roomates girlfriend? If so then I’m in for one…

I wonder if that’s John Williams. I’ve got an mp3 of the Boston Pops Orchestra doing a different variation on this same music. Funny stuff

I have a nerdy brother who will LOVE THIS! In for 1… still pissed that i was 5 mins late logging onto woot for the BOC

go go lazy gamer power ranger theme

My husband is a game FREAK but I just called him in here to look at it and he said “Um, no thanks” :frowning:

Great gift for Moms & Dads, Aunts & Uncles, Grandpas & Grandmas.

BUY 6 of these

Great!!! This will work on my Sega Genesis!!!

So it works with the PC version of Halo, eh?
It’s still poo.

is this mac compatible? this looks like something that should belong in the bag o crap.

Holy Crap… people are actualy buying this crap!!!

Woot! This sounded so stupid I had to get one! It probably wont even work but it is a good laugh. :smiley:

“force feedback” ?

I already have enough buzzing in my ears.

I’m not complaining or anything, but shouldnt this be in a Bag of Cookies ? lol

with all the page reloads, its not really the servers that need a break, its the network infrastructure and connection.

for the disabled/handicapped … this could be amazing.

I only wish I had some more cat pictures to post

I did my part… I’m going to regret it but I’m in for 1…
I dunno what the hell it is or does, but whatever it does, it works with world of warcraft, It’s gotta be good for SOMETHING…

No morrowind support !?

what’s the link to tell me the list and prices of the woot-off, I forgot