Voltix Wall Charger w/2 USB Ports

Is this actually a “Voltix AXTPC13 13,000mAh Dual USB Power Charger”?

Amazon and other retailers seem to think the AXTPC13 is a portable battery, which would make sense with the 13,000mAh rating…

See: https://www.amazon.com/Voltix-AXTPC13-13000mAh-Electronics-Charger/dp/B0176VFGOU

Also, when it says 2.1A max output, but then says:
[]Output1: 5V-1A
]Output2: 5V-2.1A
Does that mean Output2 alone can put out 2.1A, but when 2 devices are plugged in they’ll put out 1A each?

Photo was right but everything else was wrong. It’s all updated now.