This IS the droid you’re looking for.

So you’re saying R2D2’s full of it?

Seems pretty sketchy to me.

Anyone else still trying to figure out if that is real math or just fake numbers to wind up at r2d2?

It’s way too late for this! LOL

Oh, it’s real, and really clever. The only problem I see is that oneshoeoff had to make the height of the cylinder (h) 5/3rds of the diameter (d) in order to make R2-D2 pie… er, I mean πr²d(2). A quick, rough check suggests the “real” R2-D2’s ratio of h/d is more like 4/3, so R2 looks a bit like he’s been on a rack. (Perhaps a spoiler for Episode VII?)

Size isn’t everything. Functionality matters too, ya know…

darn it! i am on a SISBM, since i have too many shirts. but i teach math, and i love star wars, so how could i resist? resistance is futile (wrong universe…).

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Congrats! I thought this was really well done.

Would be in for a poster.

I’m a math teacher too…I couldn’t resist, luckily I’m not on a ban…yet!

I’m an English teacher, and I love me this shirt. And it’ll be here in time for May 4th :slight_smile:

No, he is full of “pie”! :slight_smile:

Any chance this could be printed on a tank top? My lady would totally love it!